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Dunlop Heavy Core 7-String Electric Guitar Strings - Heavy Gauge

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop Heavy Core 7-String Electric Guitar Strings - Heavy Gauge
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Product Description

Heavy Core guitar strings are uniquely designed with Dunlop's proprietary core-to-wrap ratios that are meticulously calculated so the 7-string guitar players can really "dig in" while retaining sound fundamentals. Heavy Core strings (like all of Dunlop's replacement guitar strings) are manufactured with the highest-quality materials and are engineered for great tone, balance, and feel.

"Heavy 7" guitar string gauges: 10-13-17-28-38-48-60

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I've been a player of d'addarios 10-59 set for quite a while, and after trying these I'll never go back. The tension is perfect, the tone is really is beefier and punchier, yet the strings don't feel huge like it you have a .64 for the B string. They break in almost immediately, and last for a month or more if cleaned properly. I'f your a 7 string player who has to piece your set together from singles and a 6 string set- because you can't find a Low B that isn't floppy, I highly suggest you try these. AWESOMENESS!!!!

PS: On my 25.5" scale guitar, they work well for B standard tuning, drop A, half step down, drop A#, and full step down. Drop G# is pushing it.
Dunlop Heavy Core 7-String Electric Guitar Strings - Heavy Gauge
.I haven't had these for a long time yet, but upon re-stringing my 7 string ibanez xiphos 707 with these heavy gauge strings, i have seen how crisp and clean they are, they stay in tune great, have a nice gauge. I love to play clean clean clean stuff, melodic, harmonic, all of it, and it makes my cleans sound amazing, but i also play fast leads and sweeps and all the notes come through clean, I can grind super heavy licks and I play a ton of Whitechapel and The Black Dahlia Murder. Every note will sound great, and thats what count.
Dunlop Heavy Core 7-String Electric Guitar Strings - Heavy Gauge
.Overall am pretty happy with this amazing product and will buy them again.
Well first I must say this is the first seven string set I've bought ... and am in love with them. Great tension, stay in tune and of course they sound pretty heavy!!.
They have lasted me a lot for now and still retain the tone pretty well
They're not expensive, but bringing them to Puerto Rico got the price a bit higher which sucks but still completely worth it
Dunlop Heavy Core 7-String Electric Guitar Strings - Heavy Gauge
. In summary, this set is BEAUTIFUL. I reccommend this for any seven-string player out there (unless you're a jazz player - then get the D'Addario Chromes set). Definitely worth the money.
This set of strings is just perfect for the style I like to play - Progressive Metal with some Metalcore influences. Its heavy gauge gives it a really nice tension for the low strings and keeps the high ones loose enough to bend and solo like Petrucci himself. I tune to A-E-A-D-G-B-E, which is standard Drop A tuning on a seven string, because I love playing on the tense and tight strings on the low end; however, I have dropped it to standard Drop F# and it sounded really good, too.
It's really hard for seven string players to buy strings, because the selection is so limited out there, and we don't really have the option of the "Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom", which is what I love to play on my six strings. However, these work just fine. I really need the lower gauge on top, so finding this set with a thicker low end and a thinner high end really excited me. I've adjusted my string tension on my Floyd Rose system to match these, and I think I'm gonna stick with them.
Because of how rare seven string players are, it's really easy for a huge company to jack up the prices on their seven string sets. This set is an exception, however; with standard shipping, it's less than seven bucks. Obviously, one can't ever be completely satisfied with price (because free is the best option ), but this comes close enough.
Dunlop Heavy Core 7-String Electric Guitar Strings - Heavy Gauge
.these strings are great for whole step down tuning (adgcfad)great tone make me want to play some more !!! great feel!!!!!
Dunlop Heavy Core 7-String Electric Guitar Strings - Heavy Gauge
.Simply put, BEST STRINGS EVER!!! Dunlop has really outdone themselves, you simply can't get a better string for the price. These things are amazing.
I've played a lot of strings over the years, and Dunlop has always been my string of choice. So when they finally started making 7-string sets, I dropped the Sinister strings and re-strung with these, and I'm definitely not disappoined, these things are awesome.
Dunlop strings are, quite simply, the best strings on the market. The quality can't be beat, and best of all, made in the USA!!!
For the price, these just can't be beat...alot of other companies like to really inflate the prices on 7-string sets, but these are extremely reasonable.
Dunlop Heavy Core 7-String Electric Guitar Strings - Heavy Gauge
.This can't be overstated: Dunlop has delivered and then some. The thicker cores have made all the difference in the world, both in tone and feel. I had the D'addario set of 59-10 in standard on my Carvin, then switched to these down a half step fully expecting a day of adjusting the springs on my trem to get everything zeroed in. Nope. They settled in PERFECTLY and I didn't have to touch a thing. I was shocked by that. And I'm still shocked that they've maintained their tone, their integrity, and their tension over these last few weeks. I know it seems like a lot of folks are jumping ship to Dunlop strings of late. And there's a really good reason for that: they're better. Period. I'm absolutely a Dunlop convert.
They've been pushing these as "higher tension" and bretheren, that is NO B.S. Even at a half step down, the low B feels great. Just even resistance to feel solid, but just enough "give" to sound right. Unlike a super-heavy guage (.064 and higher) of other manufacturers, which always made my guitar feel more like a bass to me. And also made the low B sound "woofy". I hate that. The Dunlop Heavy Core .060? Tight. Balanced. Little to no "flop". Kicks the hell out of GHS or D'addario (or DR, or Ernie Ball. Yes, I've tried them all). And I've been a faithful D'addario user for the better part of 15 years. That has now changed.
They can take a beating. I've had these on my guitar for about 3 weeks now, and they still sound great and have mantained their tension. Theres some slight discoloration at this poiint, but a wipe-down takes care of that easily enough. And like I said, they still sound great. Fresh, even! Seriously, Dunlop, I'm eternally grateful for these strings. I can't say thanks enough.
Well, let's see here: These deliver everything they've advertised...so yeah! Solid "10" there! Seriously folks, in a world full of gimmicky marketing and snake-oil, it's refreshing to try a product that actually delivers.
Dunlop Heavy Core 7-String Electric Guitar Strings - Heavy Gauge
.I use these on two of my guitars. One is an Ibanez RG7321 and the other is a Schecter Damient 7. Very thick and chunky sounding. These work great for B standard, Bb standard, and Drop A. Anythjng lower is is pushing it a little.
Dunlop Heavy Core 7-String Electric Guitar Strings - Heavy Gauge
.While I'm a fairly experienced musician, I just recently picked up my first 7 string. The stock strings were absolute garbage, so after thumbing through all the reviews of several brands, these became my first pick

Honestly, overall they are great strings. Everything I've played on it sounds fairly good. Unfortunately for me, I like to drop them a little lower than they want to go. I've always used GHS Boomers on my LP which have a decently thicker wound E (.065 compared to .060) and loved the size, so these, despite being a set for a 7 string, are actually thinner than what I'm used to.

I probably won't be getting them again, but I would still recommend them to anyone playing on a 7 string. I just have peculiar tastes.
Dunlop Heavy Core 7-String Electric Guitar Strings - Heavy Gauge
.I needed some new strings for my Schecter Omen 7 and after looking at all the options out there, including a straight replacement with Ernie Ball Slinky 7s, I decided on the Dunlop Heavy Core. GREAT decision!

They went on very easily with one exception: When I got to the wound strings (B, E, A, D) the overall length of the strings was much shorter than expected. I had to be very careful winding them to make sure I got enough wraps on the pegs. Other than that I can't complain.

A good stretch, a proper tune, and these things are excellent. Stay in tune very well, drop tuning is a dream, sound is fantastic; much clearer and more articulate than the stock strings. Will absolutely be using these strings from now on.
Dunlop Heavy Core 7-String Electric Guitar Strings - Heavy Gauge

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