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Dunlop 426P Ultex Rounded Triangle Guitar Picks 6 Pack .60 mm 6-Pack

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop 426P Ultex Rounded Triangle Guitar Picks 6 Pack .60 mm 6-Pack
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Product Description

The distance between thought and execution just vanished. Think it, and your fingers are already doing it because your pick isn't holding you back. Deeply responsive, with limitless bite and snap, the revolutionary Ultex lets you feel the strings right through the pick.


Unmatched dynamic range gives up raw squeal, bittersweet bends, and everything in between. Silky contours let you color your notes by varying pick angle.


Added snap and clarity slices through dense bend mixes. Reel off your most intricate picking patterns at blinding speed, thanks to smooth, flawless edges.


Radical material stands up to vicious pick slides and power chords, but delivers every nuance of that head-spinning solo. Perfect resilience means pure, intense tone with zero warping.


Heightened sensitivity lets you feel your picking position, freeing you to focus on your next note. Add subtle shading to your parts with precise control over attack.

Like to play it cool? Super clean string release defines individual notes, adding shine to melodic lines, while smooth contoured edges let you work the whole pick for expressive tones. Looking to burn up the fretboard? These little devils won't melt at up to 800 degrees, so bring it on.

This is it, that one simple thing that can ignite your playing -- the Ultex guitar pick. Dig in and grind, then jump to delicate, fluttering lines. Impossibly hard yet absolutely responsive, these picks will reveal every flicker of emotion in your playing and still add brutal bite to the heaviest power cord you can unleash. They're also virtually indestructible, hanging tough through countless pick slide, windmills, and other insanity. The revolutionary Ultex material telegraphs the slightest contact, giving you an almost intuitive feel for the strings. With unprecedented resilience and snap, its release is so clean that individual notes sing out and artificial harmonics can be fired off at will. Practically weightless, with flawless, silky edges, Ultex doesn't emulate anything. It is what it is: the most versatile, expressive guitar pick ever made. Whether you're crying the blues, racing through flamenco runs, or throwing down monster riffs, these tequila-gold jewels will be your ultimate secret weapon.

Brilliant snap Hard-core durability Flawless contoured edges

Forget everything you know about guitar picks. The horn is born. Order now!

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This pick is my favorite pick by far. I use a three finger hold on a pick, so the triangle shape lets me have more surface are for that type of hold, plus gives me three sides to strum with as well. The material is much better for me than any other normal type such as Delrin or Acetate, both in durability and sound. This type of material does not warp like the other picks of the same size, and remains perfectly flat for the life of the pick (so far at least). The sound is also much clearer to my ears, which I like very much. I do still keep some fender mediums and heavys around, but only as backups or when I'm just in the mood for something different. They will not replace these as my go to pick though.
Dunlop 426P Ultex Rounded Triangle Guitar Picks 6 Pack .60 mm 6-Pack
.Over the years i have tried out different picks, and each of them have their moments of glory, then you break it, or the edge dulls down, and my tonal qualities weren't what i wanted. Then one day I found this Dunlop Ultex .88 on the floor. I tossed my Tortex pick aside and instantly felt what i was looking for. I use the Ultex .88 on both my guitar and my bass. The Rounded Triangle works perfectly for me. Since the pick is larger, I feel like I can hold the pick much easier and not have to strike as hard to get what i want out of the strings. The .88's are like the Goldilocks zone for me, not too stiff, and not too soft. I think the larger surface area also helps me loosen my grip for softer plucking and i don't have to worry about loosing pick. The string response is very snappy and tight. The Ultex plastic doesn't wear down very much at all, and ultimately there is less drag on strings. So far, mine have taking a beating, but you can't really tell that they have been used much. Even the printing doesn't fade, which is pretty impressive. I would highly recomend people try these out, especially if you play hard rock. Tortex are ok, but seem to wear down pretty quick. These don't.
Dunlop 426P Ultex Rounded Triangle Guitar Picks 6 Pack .60 mm 6-Pack


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best picks I have used, I switched from the tortex picks which I had used for 10+ years. These ones are more durable and easier to grip. Only down side, they are about impossible to see when you drop them so expect to lose some.
Dunlop 426P Ultex Rounded Triangle Guitar Picks 6 Pack .60 mm 6-Pack
.Good feel nice sound.
Like the shape.
Very good material.
Dunlop 426P Ultex Rounded Triangle Guitar Picks 6 Pack .60 mm 6-Pack
.Easy pick to hold and play, glides nicely off strings, especially during aggresive passages.
Large surface area, durable material and nicely rounded points.
Dunlop 426P Ultex Rounded Triangle Guitar Picks 6 Pack .60 mm 6-Pack
.More medium but a very nice pick for everyday use. Recommended.
Dunlop 426P Ultex Rounded Triangle Guitar Picks 6 Pack .60 mm 6-Pack
.These are the best picks I own. First off, the design is superb, there is so much more space to hold this thing and the texture is much easier to grip than the texture of standard picks. Compared to other triangle picks that I have used, this material is far more durable and I have not even worn through a single pick yet. It usually only takes a few sets for me to burn through cheaper picks, however, I don't foresee myself even wearing out a single one of these any time soon. These picks are in every way superior to every other pick I have used.
Dunlop 426P Ultex Rounded Triangle Guitar Picks 6 Pack .60 mm 6-Pack
.Nice picks, glad I bought them. Only thing to improve them is if the center had some texture to it, to help grip.
Dunlop 426P Ultex Rounded Triangle Guitar Picks 6 Pack .60 mm 6-Pack
.These picks are fantastic. My previous experience with triangle picks is with Fender. Those ones were adequate but they wore down and bent fairly quickly. These picks look and feel far superior. They have a rough, easy-to-grip feel, and after 2 weeks of consistent playing, I have not even worn out a single corner of the first pick yet. The .73mm width feels perfect to me but that may just be personal preference.
Dunlop 426P Ultex Rounded Triangle Guitar Picks 6 Pack .60 mm 6-Pack
.Review of 1.0 Gauge: Excellent All-Around Pick!
Excellent pick for flatpicking and for strumming. Provides warmth and surprising brightness and ring on the strum. Compares very favorably to premium pick. Outstanding value!
Dunlop 426P Ultex Rounded Triangle Guitar Picks 6 Pack .60 mm 6-Pack

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