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Dunlop Delrin Standard Guitar Pick .46 mm 6 Dozen

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop Delrin Standard Guitar Pick .46 mm 6 Dozen
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Product Description

Longer-lasting guitar pick with excellent memory and a super-slick surface. They have a polished surface for precise, instant release.

Pick up some great Delrin picks today!

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I've been using the 2mm's in these for a while now, and the sound and feel on the strings is simply incredible! They are not really any harder to hold on to than a Tortex, but sound much better and fuller, and really the slicker surface is what makes them glide on the strings so easy. Lots of shredder's use this pick in 2mm, but so does Andy Summers and Jon Schofield, so it is really versatile. Yngwie Malmsteen uses the 1.5mm in these, and I imagine if they where that hard to hold onto, he would use something else. They are priced right too, so what have you got to lose, except great tone and playability?
Dunlop Delrin Standard Guitar Pick .46 mm 6 Dozen
.I don't use anything else but Dunlop 2.0mm picks for shredding!
Dunlop Delrin Standard Guitar Pick .46 mm 6 Dozen
.I have used Delrin Standard Picks for many years. The quality and tone they generate are my favorite reason for using them. I rated them at 4 stars. I did not give them 5 stars as they deserve because of one thing. I did not order "Pink" picks. The website did not give the option of which color to choose. I received my picks in timely fashion. The only complaint I have is that the pink picks must not have sold very well and someone in the order fulfillment department must have made a command decision to remedy that starting with my order. I will use the picks because they are great, but I did not appreciate getting pink picks when I would have preferred another color if given the option. Please add a color preference menu to the site and I think that will please many purchasers including me.
Dunlop Delrin Standard Guitar Pick .46 mm 6 Dozen
.I've used every thickness of these picks available for several years. The best thing about them is when your fingers get sweaty the picks stick to your fingers. They are very hard to loose. These picks last a long time. The thick ones make it easy for artificial harmonics. Becuase they are hard to loose they are very good for fingerstylers who like to hide their pick. They're great!
Dunlop Delrin Standard Guitar Pick .46 mm 6 Dozen
.As I said before I really like these picks and have played live with them a couple times (I have only had them a couple of weeks). My only concern is if my hand get really sweaty, these may slip out of my hand very easily... I won't know until that day comes, but they could be sanded at the top to prevent this?
I love the feel of the 2.0 picks...I thought they might be too thick, but they give a lot of control.
The design is great.
18 bucks for 6 dozen? No brainer!
Dunlop Delrin Standard Guitar Pick .46 mm 6 Dozen
.ok this is one of the legend picks,who among some of the best shredders hasn`t used this pick,malmsteen,stump,even becker this was their main pick.its even great for fast country licks,blues give me a round fat tone.if its too slippery score the surface,I use the 1.5mm because the 2mm transmits a little too much shock to my wrist,I don`t have to use a heavy grip on the pick,lite grip is fine once you get used to it,try one you might like it.
Dunlop Delrin Standard Guitar Pick .46 mm 6 Dozen
.I found one of these picks lying around at a friend's house and decided to try it. I was blown away. First of all, these have a fatter sound than normal cheapo picks because they are so heavy. They do NOT wear down.One pack will last you years if you don't lose any. After a while, the pick starts to stick to your thumb even though it is completely smooth and therefore glides off of the strings. If you are into flatpicking but can't find a good TS pick and don't want to spend $20-$35 on a RedBear or BlueChip pick these are great on acoustic. This pick, the jazz iii's, the ultex series, and the jazz/prime tones are some of the best picks that dunlop or any other brand makes.
Dunlop Delrin Standard Guitar Pick .46 mm 6 Dozen
.The slipperiness that comes with wear takes some getting used to, but the fantastic sweetness of tone more than makes up for it. If the slippery feeling is too much of a nuisance, using a thinner pick helps offset this (the thicker the pick, the more it slips). Be prepared to turn up the mids if you opt for a thinner pick, though. The 2mm thickness is best if you want maximum tonal evenness, as is learning to hold the pick sideways and playing with the shoulder to maximize speed and precision.

The tone and tone-memory is the most amazing feature of this pick. My playing style requires precision, tonal clarity and nerve-wracking screaminess, and the delrin material delivers. It's nerve-jarring without being unpleasant to the ears. Unlike other materials, you get maximum tone from delrin, and the tone becomes more even with wear; I play with my EQ flat, and it sounds like I have my mids and highs cranked. Great, compressed attack sound, even with a soft touch. The only thing I think Dunlop could improve on is making a line of their smallest, round-tipped jazz picks (the 204) with this material.

Tip: wash your hands and the pick before playing to get rid of the slipperiness that comes from oil buildup.
Made of Delrin, a plastic-rubber hybrid. Standard-shaped pick, slightly smaller than a standard-shaped Fender or Clayton. Smooth, glossy surface, as compared to Tortex or the matt-finish gator grips or jazztones.
These picks last. They lose their initial sharpness after a few days, but the screamy, midrangey tone lasts. I've heard from some that they only last them 3 days, but I pick with the rounded shoulder part instead of the tip, which makes any standard pick last a lot longer.

The edge smooths out at about the same rate any other similar pick, but unlike other materials, they don't lose their essential midrange tone. I can use one of these as a practice pick for a month, and that's for playing bass. I was using gator grips and jazztones before, but compared to the raspy, harsh tone of the gators and jazztones, these deliver a more creamy, screamy sound once the initial sharpness is worn off. I could use one with weeks of wear on it live, and no one would know the difference unless I switched to a new pick.

Tip: for live perfomance, use one with a day or two of wear on it if you plan on doing pinch harmonics on wound strings, otherwise the sharp edge will catch on the windings too much to get the desired squeal.
I find more value in these picks than those made from any other material. Despite the tendency to get slippery from oily fingers, the tonal qualities and lasting tone-memory give these picks more bang for the buck than other similarly priced picks, or even expensive boutique picks. All picks lose their edge at about the same rate, no matter what material is used or what the manufacturer claims; the difference is in how well these hold a clear and pleasant tone, no matter worn down.
Dunlop Delrin Standard Guitar Pick .46 mm 6 Dozen
.I love the way these picks feel, they hard as rock but the plastic is smooth.
What can I say, it's a pick. They feel great, slide on and off the strings nicely.
I got the 1.5MM thickness... these picks are extremely durable. It'll wear for much longer than most picks.
Run of the mill priced picks. I think these are my favorite.
Dunlop Delrin Standard Guitar Pick .46 mm 6 Dozen
.I was never sure which pick thickness was best until a guitar instructor recommended using 1.5 mm, and having read the related reviews, I went for Dunlop Delrin. It works great and I am surprised that it feels fairly natural. Also the price and free shipping motivated me to buy from Custom Guitar's Friend.
Dunlop Delrin Standard Guitar Pick .46 mm 6 Dozen

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