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Epiphone Limited Edition guitarra Traditional PRO Electric Guitar Heritage Cherry Sunburst

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Hardshell Case of Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul Traditional PRO Electric Guitar Heritage Cherry
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Product Description

EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e's history and association with Les Paul dates way back to the days when Les, working at the EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e factory on 14th St. in New York, created the world's first electric guitar. Over the years, Les continued to work closely with EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e by reviewing new product ideas and offering suggestions. The EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e Les Paul Traditional Pro electric guitar combines the best of Les Paul's original design with new features that set this EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e guitar apart.

Professional Electronics.
The Les Paul Traditional Pro uses EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e's 4-wire, nickel/silver base humbuckers with newly tooled, USA-style bobbins. In the neck position is the Alnico Classic Pro humbucker with Alnico-II warm, thick vintage tone and open zebra coils. It's uniquely paired with EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e's ProBucker-3 humbucker. An inspired by version of Gibson's BurstBucker-3, the Les Paul guitar features unevenly wound coils and Alnico-II magnets that replicate that "Patent Applied for" airy tone. You'll love the way they sound! To top it all off, both volume controls feature push/pull potentiometers allowing you to coil-split each pickup for single-coil sounds. Combined with the 3-way toggle, you get 6 unique sounds from one great Les Paul guitar.

Tone Woods with Great Feel!
The EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e Les Paul Traditional Pro guitar has a solid mahogany back with a carved top and a solid mahogany neck that's hand-fitted and glued into the body for excellent neck-to-body contact and acting almost like one continuous piece of wood. The guitar neck features a SlimTaper D profile with a smooth and fast "worn" type finish on the back of the neck and body.

Loaded with premium add-ons!
Other features on the EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e Les Paul included quality Grover tuners, a traditional cream-colored pickguard, LockTone Tune-O-Matic bridge/stopbar, and EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e's own StrapLocks. Like every EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e, the electric guitar features their Limited Lifetime warranty backed by world famous 24/7/365 day Gibson Customer Service.

Body Body shape: Single cutaway Body type: Solid body Body material: Solid wood Top wood: Not applicable Body wood: Mahogany Body finish: Gloss Orientation: Right handed Neck Neck shape: D standard Neck wood: Mahogany Joint: Set-in Scale length: 24.75 in. Truss rod: Standard Neck finish: Gloss Fretboard Material: Rosewood Radius: 14 in. Fret size: Medium jumbo Number of frets: 22 Inlays: Trapezoid Nut width: 1.68 in. (42.67 mm) Pickups Configuration: HH Neck: Alnico Classic Middle: Not applicable Bridge: ProBucker 3 Brand: EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e Active or passive pickups: Passive Series or parallel: Series Piezo: No Active EQ: No Special electronics: Push/pull coil taps Controls Control layout: Volume 1, volume 2, tone 1, tone 2 Pickup switch: 3-way Coil tap or split: Coil split Kill switch: No Hardware Bridge type: Fixed Bridge design: Tune-o-matic Tailpiece: Stopbar Tuning machines: Grover Color: Chrome Other Number of strings: 6-string Special features: Pickups Case: Sold separately Accessories: None Country of origin: China

Order a real Les Paul guitar that lets you claim new territory!

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Gold Coverage Includes:

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I am giving this guitar a 10, not because it's perfect per se, but because what you get for this price is amazing. This was the nicest EE-Epiphone-e I've played, and was better than a lot of Gibson Studios I played. Obviously, this isn't the $1800 Gibson version, which is nicer than this guitar. But If this guitar had the gibson headstock on it, They'd be selling it for a lot more than this, trust me. If you're trying to decide between this and a cheap studio, or even a different EE-Epiphone-e, let me make this easy. Buy this guitar. Plays great, beautiful neck (which is where the satin finish shines, it feels great!), pretty darn fine pickups, holds tuning extremely well, and on top of it, mine came with a hardshell case and strap locks. You just can't do any better than this in a guitar at this price point. Period.
A lot of things to like about this guitar in the way of features. Coil split is useful. When using only on pickup on coil split, there isn't a huge tone change, but if you use both 'buckers on coil split at once, you get a really nice Fender-y tone. As close to Fender single coils as you'll get with a mahogany body. All the nicer EE-Epiphone-e parts, Grovers, etc. The Burstbucker bridge pickup is absolutely beautiful, I anticipated just throwing in an extra Seymour Duncan custom custom I had laying around, but honestly, I'll leave the burstbucker. Neck pickup is nice too, great for vintage Led Zeppelin, early Rush, Jethro Tull, all that kinda of stuff. Honestly, this guitar is a 70's machine to the max.
I was somewhat worried about ordering an EE-Epiphone-e through the internet, but I can say that when I opened up the box, I was blown away. She feels awesome, if you hear anything about this guitar not having a maple cap, and that adversely affecting tone, don't sweat it. This guitar cuts through a mix better than my old LP Studio with a maple cap. Got the nice fingerboard binging, the satin finish is beautiful, and the guitar overall just feels VERY solid. Even the output jack is the most durable feeling output jack I've ever used.
Amazing value. Literally the best deal on any guitar that i've ever bought, or someone i knew bought. Buddy of mine plays a USA special strat, and offered to trade me. And I told him no way in heck. This thing's an amazing guitar for the money.
Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul Traditional PRO Electric Guitar Heritage Cherry Sunburst
.New buyers: EE-Epiphone-e's quality control sometimes leaves something to be desired, and be sure to do/get a good setup on the guitar. I wanted a guitar to play small venues/open mic nights where I wouldn't worry about it getting knocked over or stolen. However, I may have pulled a GEM from the pile with this one! I've owned 5 Gibson LPs but something about this Epi REALLY speaks to me in a way that is different from all but 1 of my Gibsons. The range of tones from the pickups and pull-pots inspires my personal creativity! It's lighter than most Gibsons (which a pinched nerve in my neck really appreciates), and obviously it's MUCH less expensive. The back and neck are NOT varnished with the glossy coating, unlike so many other inexpensive guitars, and the feel of the wood as I'm playing is SOOO nice; I'm convinced that helps the guitar find a nice clean/warm or hot tones, split or dual coil. I'm happy to report the split neck pickup is a nice warm single-coil (definitely not a strat, but nice). I play a very simple rig: Fender Bassbreaker with '63 reverb pedal through a PA. For me, it's like: "this is the way God intended the playing of an electric to feel like." Okay, okay--YES it's a very subjective statement. But for me, at least -- this is an excellent fit!
Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul Traditional PRO Electric Guitar Heritage Cherry Sunburst
.Quality workmanship, great sound, and big bang for the buck. I hope to be playing this one for a long time to come!
Pretty much your basic Les Paul features besides the coil taps but when you want to go for that single coil tone it is a vey nice plus. I love the non glossy back of the neck and body. Feels much more natural when playing without the glossy neck. Pickups are awsome and way better than the alnico classics they put in the Les Paul standards. Also this Paul is lighter than the regular Les Paul Standards.
Guitar was set up nice right out of the box. No issues with anything so far.
For the price you can't beat the value of this guitar.
Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul Traditional PRO Electric Guitar Heritage Cherry Sunburst
.I wanted a Les Paul and I didn't want to spend thousands to get one. I had my eye on the Traditional Pro and the Standard PlusTop Pro for a while and waited a while because I couldn't decide on which one I wanted. I finally decided on the Tradtional Pro in Desert Burst because I wanted the satin finish on the back of the neck. I don't like glossy necks.

The first one MF sent me was not good, it had large saw marks (grooves) on the bottom of it and the paint was obviously touched up in areas on the bottom and the back of the guitar. It also had paint runs in various spots on the sides and back, and one spot on the back was missing paint. Also the wood used for the back of the guitar and the neck was very porous and frankly...just plain ugly, I never saw wood like that on a guitar. I sent it back. It was B stock..if that.

One thing I have to call out MF on is that I have ordered some other NEW guitars over the last few years from them that have clearly been B stock or just plain defective. Or they were marked as new and they were clearly returns..i.e. box was re-taped, the guitar inside had wear marks, dings, dents, etc.. They were not mint in any way shape or form. When I buy a NEW guitar don't send me something with saw marks and paint runs, dings or dents. As for this particular model, EE-Epiphone-e needs to get their QC deal together in their Indonesia factory. I sent the first one back and a week later I see that MF is selling a open box Traditional Pro in Desert Burst and it's marked as mint. If it's the one I sent back, it's far from mint.

Anyway, I got the second one and it's much better, it has a slight ding in the clear coat on the front but I can live with it. The rest of the guitar is very nice and the wood used on the back of the guitar and neck for this one is completely different from the first one. Fit and finish is much better as well, no paint runs, no saw marks. I have no clue what is going on with the wood on these guitars and why the wood would differ that much from guitar to guitar...but they do.

It plays great and sounds great, I personally enjoy the coil tapping. It's a fun guitar to play, and this is coming from a person who has played super strats for a very long time.
Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul Traditional PRO Electric Guitar Heritage Cherry Sunburst
.I want to first mention I have been playing for about 6 years and cannot even recall how many guitars I have bought, sold, traded through the years. Also I want to add out of all those guitars I have never took the time to write a review for one. I am a serious player and practice 1 to 3 hours daily so I have gotten where I understand tone.

Anyways to the review. I am just floored by this guitar. I got the Pitch Black one on sale. I thought hey it's worth a try. I have played/owned and like many brands of guitars from Schecter, Ibanez, ESP, EE-Epiphone-e, Fender and of course Gibson.

Speaking of Gibson this is what I am comparing the guitar too. I have owned a Gibson 60's Tribute that's been highly modified for a couple years now. It has what I consider a professional tone. Now saying that, I do not know what EE-Epiphone-e did when building the Traditional Pro, but it Plays, Feels, and Sounds as good or better than my Gibson OR any Gibson I have played so far in my six years of playing. I haven't had the pleasure of playing a $4K Gibson, but I have played a few $2K ones. Also note I have solely played my Gibson Les Paul for over a year now (A super broke musician and my only electric guitar)and just bought the EE-Epiphone-e because my tax return. So I can't say it would sound better than a $4K Gibson, but for under 5 Benjamin's this cannot be beat.

The feel is nice. The neck is like the 60's style neck, maybe a tad thicker but feels nice and makes fretting chords easy. It's not a shredder neck, that's why there are Ibanez guitars. Back to this guitar the tone oozes Rock N Roll with a nice growl. Just to note that it can easily dial in any tone from Country to melting metal. I mainly play 70's/80's Rock and blues, but I can easily get a tone for a Megadeth or Metallica song too.

Please take the time and try one of these and read about the EE-Epiphone-e factory. The guys who run it are the same guys from the Nashville Gibson plant and everything is as close to the same specs as a Gibson and I would almost go as far as saying the quality of this Tradtional Pro is better than current Gibson's or at least how my Gibson was when I got it.

I am so pleased with this guitar that as I write this I have my Gibson up for sale, so I can buy another EE-Epiphone-e Traditional Pro, but in Desert Burst before they either discountinue this model or raise the price. Honestly if I had the money I would not blink an eye paying double for this quality of an instrument. I still love Gibson's and other brands too, but what I have seen from EE-Epiphone-e is they stepped their game up tremendously in the last 5 years. Don't get caught up in the name on the headstock. It is owned and manufactured by Gibson just under the EE-Epiphone-e name.
Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul Traditional PRO Electric Guitar Heritage Cherry Sunburst
.I am amazed by the value of this guitar. It has Grover tuners and excellent pickups, and the frets are level and smooth at the ends. They did require polishing to remove grit and tarnish. The setup was decent right out of the box, with only minor adjustments needed. The switches all work properly, and the gold paint is well executed with no obvious flaws. The nut is well done, as well as the string spacing on the neck. I usually avoid extra electronic features on my guitars, preferring simplicity. But I do really like the coil-splitting option, as it sounds good through my amp. The guitar came triple-boxed. The only negatives are two stripped screw holes for the truss rod cover, and some tool marks at the heel of the neck. The neck is quite beefy and fills the hand, and has no glossy finish, making it easy to move up and down the neck. However, the entire back side of the body and neck could have used some extra attention to fill in open pores in the mahogany and to smooth out the rough feel of the wood. All in all, this is a good Les Paul, and can't be beat for money invested. You can spend a good deal more to get a higher level of finishing detail and quality control, but this guitar is very playable as is, and sounds great. But be advised that this guitar is heavy, as are Les Pauls in general. Did I mention that it is a great-looking instrument?
Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul Traditional PRO Electric Guitar Heritage Cherry Sunburst
.Been playing for almost 20 years, and have gone through my share of equipment. Currently have 3 Gibsons,(LP, SG, & flying V) and a USA custom shop Peavey HP and play thru Peavey XXX amps. Bought mine used for less than half of a new one. It's a 2004 LP STD with the HOTCH pups from Korea. Stock pups aren't really that bad, but that touch of muddiness is there especially in the low end, but I wouldn't care if I wouldn't play out. My Gibson has Burstbucker pros and the Epi's aren't as hot and not quite as clear.

For the cost of a new Epi, I would probably go for a faded or used Gibson, but for the price these go for used, add new pups and I can't tell much of a difference in sound from my Gibson. If you can get over having the headstock say "EE-Epiphone-e" and not "Gibson" and just use your ears, you will love it. Look at these at used prices and you can get a custom, or whatever great finish you like and up grade it for a lot less than getting a Gibson. Don't get me wrong I probably won't sell my Gibsons because of this, but will play it along side of them.
Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul Traditional PRO Electric Guitar Heritage Cherry Sunburst
.Overall this guitar is awesome. It really has that fat, solid, les paul sound. The vitage look with the off / cream white against the ebony makes it the real deal. Whatever color you decide to get, it will still look outstanding, and I would suggest this guitar to anyone.
The dual humbucker system is awesome, everything about this guitar is great. The grover tunners are great, the finish and the paint makes the guitar look steller. The size and weight of the guitar really brings les paul feel to the table.
This guitar is top quality. I have played many guitars, but this one really gives the right feel. This guitar is put together well, everything from the pick-ups, to the in-lays.
For its price, it really is a good buy, if you can't afford a Gibson, then EE-Epiphone-e is the way to go.
Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul Traditional PRO Electric Guitar Heritage Cherry Sunburst
. This is a great guitar, and is totally worthy for a stage! After my older and last guitar was starting to have some problems I figured nows definitely the time to invest in a new one. Years ago, I seen some kid playing a goldtop and wanted one ever since. This may not be a Gibson, but its still an amazing guitar. I honestly dont have any dislikes for this guitar. It has an amazing sound, great looks, feel, and tuners... Hopefully this review helps others out their who are thinking of getting this. No Regrets here!
This is a great guitar, and I got the guitar in the metallic gold finish. I was nervous that the color/finish might not look good in person considering it looks kinda different in most pics compared to other goldtops I see on this site and a few others, but it looks fantastic! (in some pics online it looks kinda yellowish, but its definitely a metallic gold finish) I was also worried that it might come out of tune easily considering Im not used to a guitar with tuners like this. My other guitar has string locks so I never had to worry about it before. But since I got it and tuned it, it hasnt come out of tune yet. This is the nicest guitar I own, and now I no longer have to just dream of owning one of these. Its everything I thought it would be, and more. I was gonna go with the '56 Reissue Goldtop, but the P-90s kinda get some unwanted feedback. With this one you dont really have to worry about it, and that was part of the deciding factor for me.
The quality is great! This is the first brand new guitar Ive ever owned and my first Les Paul, and it just feels amazing to play. I look forward to playing this guitar for many, many years to come.
Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul Traditional PRO Electric Guitar Heritage Cherry Sunburst
.For anyone just yearning to play, not to brag... the tone you get for your 5 notes is very strong. In fact, I have this to balance out my prestige Ibanez. Wherever it's made, this one was made well. Through my Tweaker combo amp and an overdrive, I get monster thick chords and loads of bass. I might consider upgrading the pickups at some point, but that's only because I'm a tonegeek.

None of the tradition pro models have a maple top on their body, so the tone will be more mids and lows than the crispy maple highs. Try different tone woods in person at your local shop before you make a decision. Fender uses Alder, Ibanez uses Basswood, Gibson and EE-Epiphone-e use Mahogany... etc. etc.
Tapped coil pickups and two tone woods... a good solid foundation.
Its exceptional for this price range... only thing off is one the potentiometer hats is a little crooked when it turns. Everything else is perfect. I can't give a 10 unless I can't find anything. The intonation and stock setup will serve me well.
Discounted because Korina is almost orange... and no one is buying it... in fact, you probably can't buy this one online any more. But the rest of the guitar is nice standard guitar just below where it could be priced.
Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul Traditional PRO Electric Guitar Heritage Cherry Sunburst

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