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Epiphone guitarra Black Beauty 3 Electric Guitar

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Hardshell Case of Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty 3 Electric Guitar
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Product Description

The EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e Les Paul Black Beauty 3 is an electric guitar that sounds amazing and looks great. This Les Paul Black Beauty guitar features 3 Alnico Classic humbucker pickups to extend your tonal range; a set slim-taper mahogany neck; solid mahogany body; 22-fret rosewood fingerboard; cream body, fingerboard, and headstock binding; and block inlays. LockTone Tune-O-Matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece for more sustain and easier string changing. Gold hardware. EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e graces the Les Paul Black Beauty 3 Guitar with a limited lifetime warranty.

Solid mahogany body Set mahogany neck Slim-tapered neck profile 22-fret rosewood fingerboard 24-3/4" scale 1.68" nut width 3 Alnico Classic humbuckers LockTone LockTone Tune-O-Matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece for more sustain and easier string changing Cream binding on body, fingerboard, and headstock Block pearloid inlays Gold hardware

If you're looking for a superior Les Paul that delivers a little extra, the Black Beauty is for you. Order today.

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Gold Coverage Includes:

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overall, if you have the money to buy this guitar, do it now. when EE-Epiphone-e stops making them, muchos people are going to wish they had and will feel dumb for ignoreing this beautiful guitar. this is by far the best guitar that EE-Epiphone-e makes.

the 3 57' classic pickups are average. you cant use more than one pickup at a time though. but they're good, nonetheless. if you want to play metal, you might consiter buying some EMG HZ actives or some Seymore Duncan Blackouts to go in it to make it what you want, the 57s are more for cassic rock and blues.


the setup of the bridge and tailpiece was outstanding. there was not a buzz or rattle anywere in sight. the pickups were set PERFECTLY. and the strings that came on it lasted from Thanksgiving 2011 till April 8th 2012. the frets were filed great.


the color (finish and gold hardware) was great. nice and shiney. kudos to the finishing guy at EE-Epiphone-e. the clear coat shows everyting though, like finger prints, skin dust, and pick scratches. the gold hardware leaves the bridge and bridge pickup prety quick if you palm mut eeverything you play like me. but theres not really a way to prevent that from happening. just a natural part of a guitars life. the heel of the guitar where the neck meets the body was really pointy. all it takes is some EXTREAMLY fine grind paper to get rid of it.
the quality of this guitar is great. very well built. after all, there all made on the same equipment that made the first Gibsons. id give this guitar a 1,000,000,000 on a scale to 10 for craftsmanship.
your getting exacly what you pay for with this guitar, but it should include a case for sure.
Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty 3 Electric Guitar
.I've had this guitar for a few years now. I've got to say, it's a very nice guitar for the most part. Construction on it is top notch and it plays like a dream. There are a few problems though, which is why this guitar is the price it is. The pick ups are absolute junk and will need to be replaced. That is, unless you're happy with the toneless muddy attempt at creating a PAF type sound that these pick ups offer. I've put Seymour Duncan 59s in all positions and they are fantastic. Tuners have a really high gear ratio so fine tuning and doing a quick tune during a gig are a pain. eventually your toggle and input jack will probably fail on you also, and the pots are also junk. But if you do these upgrades, you wont feel like you've wasted your money. It will turn a decent guitar into a pretty damn good guitar. It still puts a smile on my face every time I play it, even after owning it for years.
Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty 3 Electric Guitar
.What can I say about this guitar that hasn't already been said by other reviewers? Currently, I'm an experienced hobbyist guitar player who records original material on a home digital recorder for fun. I purchased this guitar based on memory... 20yrs ago, a college buddy had one. back then, I couldn't afford anything other than entry level guitars. now I can. It's a compact, dense guitar with a solid smooth playing neck. Gloss black finish with gold hardware gives the guitar a very uptown appearance. the best looker of my 7 guitars. wiring is 2 volume, 2 tone, rhythm = neck, treble = bridge, neutral = bridge + middle. specs don't say it, but it does sound like there are specific neck and bridge versions of the pick-up... my neck pickup seems stronger than the other two. sustain is very good. this guitar sounds fantastic clean. it can give you that clean ethereal sound like Stevie Ray has on Riviera Paradise. I've seen critical comments about whether a 3rd pick-up justifies the price difference. yes it does in my opinion. as a consequence of having 3 pick-ups, I think the sound of this guitar (clean) is unusually sensitive to strumming/picking position... not in the sense of harsh changes in tonal character that aren't particularly useful, but rather rich tonal differences that allow you to shift your voicing without changing the toggle position or switching effects. my only complaints 1: why not sell this higher-end Epi with the case? 2: it would make more sense (to me) if this guitar came stock with 3 volume and 1 tone with the middle pick-up isolated on its own volume... then giving the toggle switch neck, bridge+neck and bridge would permit unlimited blending.
Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty 3 Electric Guitar
.Over all this guitar is awesome, nice price, nice sound, nice set up, it is a good guitar to get just as a professional guitar even.
This guitar may say EE-Epiphone-e, but this guitar gives you the same tone, the same quality, an the same feeling that a GIBSON Les Paul Custom would give you, I was at a Vintage Guitar store in Seattle an they had a Gibson Les Paul Custom (3 PU's) (1974) an a EE-Epiphone-e Les Paul Custom (3 PU's) (1989) an when I was playin' those on a nice Marshall 1978 Double Stack, they both had the same, raw, rock an roll power that you are always use too. So when you buy a EE-Epiphone-e, most of the time, your buyin' a Gibson
The 3 Humbuckers (or the "Frampton Set" I like to call it) are awesome pick ups, you can get the same tone as Jimmy Page, Frampton, an others, it is an awesome guitar, being able to have the 3 tones instead of 2 tones, its awesome.
it was an AWESOME price for this guitar!
Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty 3 Electric Guitar
.Overall this is turning out to be well worth the money. Would buy another if this one was stolen or destroyed.
I've had this for 3 weeks now and I'm very impressed. Solid feel to the guitar. Neck is fast and the 12" radius fits my fingers much better than my old Strat. My playing has greatly improved since purchase. I attribute that to the size of the neck.

The 3 pickups provide a wide variety of tone from metal crunch to silky blues and even twangy country. I consider this guitar a multi-purpose guitar so if you're looking for dedicated metal axe then you'll either need to swap or buy a different guitar.

I can confirm that this guitar is heavy. Doesn't bother me as I don't gig (yet) and am not exactly small. Someone with a smaller frame may want to give this some thought though.

You may need to raise the action a tad. There's some fret buzz because it comes with the action set pretty low. New strings? Yea, everyone has their favorites, nuff said there.

Other Thoughts:
Buy a fitted case. I'd be upset if the finish on this beauty gets marred. Also, consider getting a wider padded strap. That will help aleviate the weight somewhat.
Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty 3 Electric Guitar
.I was happily surprised by the look, feel, and action of this guitar. Things got even better when I plugged it into my practice amp; plucked gently, the tone is clean, controlled, and crystal clear. Dig into the strings, and the Black Beauty seems to sense your intensity level, and responds with a perfectly appropriate increase in aggressiveness to its tone, and harmonics; I compared my stock BB to a well-known brand with three trick pickups, and the BB was just so much more musical in its response. I have yet to play a guitar that can go from crystal clear, to the level of power overdrive that this guitar can, without touching the gain, preamp, or volume knobs - once you've set those to a good balance for the amp you're using, the guitar does the rest. I have NO CLUE why some people are trying to put down the pickups; any experienced guitarist that does more than just turn his amp up to "11", and blast the same three power chords over, and over, knows that, in a pickup, all that glitters is not output! Just like amplifiers, pickups have their own response patterns of amplitude (actual electromotive output, specifically the BxL product), and accompanying harmonics, or "overtones". Some pickups will just play LOUDER when you pluck aggressively; others will actually change the very character of their sound, and along with getting louder, will start increasing their percentage, and NATURE of harmonic distortion, referred to in a myriad of ways from, "crunch", to "fuzz", to a dozen other descriptors. That's where this guitar shines; the character of its sound is as dependent on the amp it's plugged into, as its own, special construction. In short, it's a keeper; after ordering one for my nephew for his birthday, I got myself one, just "because". Did I need another guitar? No. But this one so impressed me, that I had to have one. And I think that fact alone probably puts the nature of this wonderful instrument in the best possible perspective.
Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty 3 Electric Guitar

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Fantastic guitar. I got mine for a deal. Don't know if I'd go with the the price where it is. Needs to be set-up when you receive it. Wish EE-Epiphone-e had made it 3 volume and one tone. I've always been frustrated that I can not have all 3 pickups on at once, or neck and bridge to give it a real Les Paul sound. Split coils would be nice, too. Don't want to spend the money with a tech to do this. EE-Epiphone-e should have gotten it right.

If I were to do it again, at this price, I'd buy a Les Paul Special II. I own one of those and the sound is very similar. The Black Beauty is HEAVY weight-wise. Since I own one, and I got a great deal, I'm happy.
Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty 3 Electric Guitar
.Owning 2 Gibson guitars I figured an EE-Epiphone-e would be worth a try but I was wrong. The guitar's G string will NOT tune for anything. I've tried fixing the intonation, I've even had the machine tuners replaced, and it just refuses to keep a tune. It's such a disappointment.
Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty 3 Electric Guitar
.I play frequently enough to need a durable and great sounding guitar. But I lack the budget to obtain a US made instrument. Enter the epi black beauty! Luckily I got mine used so I didn't pay full price, but I would gladly pay for it and know it is worth every penny. As far as epis go its probably one of the best there is. The neck is fast and the tone is rich, and it looks sexy! Is it a Gibson? No, and it doesnt need to be, it holds
It's own for sure. And it's well suited for players who aren't getting paid large sums of money to play music every night. Do yourself a favor and save the money and get one it's all you weekend warriors will ever need.
Enough to keep things interesting
Its a les paul
Best guitar for the price
Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty 3 Electric Guitar
.I've owned this guitar for about 4 or so years, and i must say that this is a great guitar! The biggest complaint i've been hearing about the EE-Epiphone-e les pauls seems to be about the pickups, and while they're not quite to the same level as the pickups they put in the gibson les pauls, these are in no way bad pickups. I've been playing for somewhere in between 7 and 8 years and my standards are pretty high when it comes to tone but this guitar shines in every type of situation! It is primarily used to play rock which it really excels at(which a les paul should!) but I've played everything from rock to blues to country with this guitar and it always does well! It has that real deep bassy bottom end which we've come to love from les pauls while still having really crisp highs that when you hook up to some distortion really sounds sick!! overall I love this guitar, its been my primary guitar ever since i first bought it and i doubt that'll change anytime soon. The only thing i would change about it would maybe be trapezoidal inlays but thats more of a personal preference. I'd highly recommend this guitar to anyone who love a good rich tone and a guitar that'll perform in any situation.
Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty 3 Electric Guitar

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