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Epiphone guitarra Ultra-III Electric Guitar Midnight Ebony

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One Set
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Hardshell Case of Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-III Electric Guitar Midnight Ebony
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Product Description

The Ultra-III - Where Tradition Meets Technology
We all know that deep down, most guitarists love the classic designs and shapes. That's why EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e designed the new Les Paul Ultra-III with the same look and features of a traditional Les Paul but added new technology giving you a guitar that's a real Les Paul but also so much more!

Two Great Pickup Systems in One Guitar
At the heart of the new Ultra-III are two pickup systems. Powering the first are EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e's new ProBucker humbucking pickups patterned after Gibson's famous BurstBuckers. With authentic 18% nickel silver base and cover, Elektrisola wire, accurate bobbins, slugs and screws and sand casted Alnico-II magnets, they replicate that classic "Patent Applied For" airy tone that defined rock and roll. The second system features Shadow(tm) Germany's patented NanoMag pickup embedded discretely at the end of the fingerboard. Featuring three samarium cobalt magnets, an air coil, and active electronics, this low-impedance pickup captures all the subtle body acoustics and string harmonics. Together, you get powerful humbucker-driven rock crunch as well as shimmering acoustic-like tones and everything in-between.

One-Of-A-Kind Electrics Built-in
If you thought the Ultra-II was jam-packed with modern features, you won't believe what EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e has designed into the Ultra-III. Built discretely into the bridge pickup mounting ring is a full-function, chromatic tuner. Push it's ON/OFF button and sound is immediately muted when the tuner activated. Eleven color-coded LED's identify the note as well as whether it's sharp, flat or in-tune. Also, to allow quick and seamless changes between each pickup system, the Ultra-III's NanoMag Volume knob now doubles as an A/B switch. Just push it in and quickly toggle between Magnetic, NanoMag or both pickup systems with no delay and no "pop." Two additional LED's on the pickup mounting ring provide a visual indicator of which pickup system is active (Red=NanoMag; Blue-Magnetic or Red/Blue=Both).

Hook-Up Directly To Your Computer
The Ultra-III features three different outputs. By using the standard 1/4" MONO output, both the Humbuckers and NanoMag are mixed into one signal. When you plug another 1/4" cable into it's STEREO output, the Humbuckers are routed through one cable and the NanaMag the other. In this way, you can send the Humbuckers to your favorite guitar amp and the NanoMag to the PA or an acoustic guitar amp. Using the A/B switch, you can now change "on-the-fly" between the two outputs. The third output is USB. Using a USB cable (included), you can plug directly into your computer and use guitar applications such as Native Instruments GuitarRig 4LE download to play your guitar through a variety of simulated amplifiers and effects and listen through your computer speakers or headphones. GuitarRig also features a recorder, a metronome, a tuner and more.

Great Tone Woods and Hardware
While the Ultra-III is packed with technology, it still maintains the same basic specifications that made EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e Les Pauls the choice of so many guitarists including a solid Mahogany body with glued-in Mahogany neck and comfortable SlimTaper neck profile, a flame Maple veneer top and Rosewood fingerboard. The result is a modern guitar with that classic Les Paul tone and sustain. Like most EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e's, it's also equipped with Epi's patent-applied-for LockTone locking tune-o-matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece for increased sustain and string changing ease as well as quality Grover 16:1 machine heads for tuning accuracy and stability.

Limited Lifetime
Like every EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e, it features their Limited Lifetime warranty backed by world famous 24/7/365 day Gibson Customer Service. If you want a versatile professional instrument designed for live performance or studio and capable of both Les Paul crunch and real acoustic-like tones, the EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e Ultra-III is it! Case sold separately.

Body material: Mahogany; strategically chambered, comfortable back belly-scarf Top material: AAA flame maple veneer Neck material: Mahogany Neck shape: SlimTaper; D profile Neck joint: Glued-In; Mortise and Tenon Fingerboard material: Rosewood with mother-of-pearl trapezoid inlays Truss rod: Adjustable Neck pickup: EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e ProBucker-2 Bridge pickup: EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e ProBucker-3 Fingerboard pickup: Shadow NanoMag humbucking low-impedance pickup Front controls: 3-way pickup selector, neck pickup volume control, bridge pickup volume control, NanoMag pickup volume with push-push A/B switch, master tone, A/B LED Indicators Back Controls: NanoMag Gain, NanoMag Treble EQ, NanoMag Bass EQ Chromatic Tuner: On/Off Switch, A-G LED note Indicators, # LED indicator, High Pitch, Low Pitch, In-Tune LED indicators Outputs: 1/4" Mono (both signals blended), 1/4" Stereo, USB (Computer supplies power to Ultra-III when connected) Power: 9 Volt battery (except when connected to computer USB) Binding: Fingerboard - 1 ply (cream), Body - 1 ply (cream) Frets: 22 medium-jumbo Bridge: LockTone Tune-o-matic/Stopbar Hardware: Nickel Machine heads: Grover 16:1 Tuners Strings: Gibson Brite Wires 10-46 Includes: Native Instruments GuitarRig Software download 3 meter USB Cable 9 Volt battery User's Manual Bumper Sticker Poster Trussrod Wrench 10' Economy 1/4" cord Information Case sold separately

A great EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e Les Paul made even better. Order yours today.


Les Paul Ultra-III Electric Guitar

Scale length: 24-3/4"
Fingerboard Radius: 12"
Nut Width: 1-11/16"

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Gold Coverage Includes:

Unexpected and unintentional spills, drops and cracks Normal wear and tear Power surges Dust, internal heat and humidity

Other plan features include:

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The more I play this and play with the features the more I like it.
EE-Epiphone-e should improve the software manual. First step: "install disk" - there is no disk - it's a download once you register at special /U3 site. You should just know this??? Downloading the software was a process of downloading compression software and other horsing around, guessing what to do - took a long annoying time. That was frustrating. But I really like the guitar rig software and how easy it works with guitar.

Now all is well and I'm loving this guitar. It is my favorite of the six I own - some costing 3X as much.
The EE-Epiphone-e and MF people I dealt with were very helpful - although the EE-Epiphone-e/Gibson person seemed uninterested in my suggestion to improve their manual or adding a card so it reflects what a person actually needs to do with software load. Hope they fix that soon for others.
The satin finish neck is super fast and feels great.
The built in tuner is discrete, super bright leds, easy to use and see and cuts out guitar when unpugging from amp. I suspect all guitars will have this soon.
The sounds from the computer with guitar rig are very good - even at low volume through computer speakers sounds like a full set up but only a usb cable hooked up.
The software comes up fast and is easy to use.
Playing through two amps - acoustic and guitar makes for some really interesting sounds.
The acoustic pickup really does make the guitar sound like an acoustic.
I like the Gibson strings too. They're 10s but play like 9s and have a bright sound.
The faded cherry sunburst finish is beautiful. The fit is tight and it feels and plays very well. I like it better than my strat and PRS SE. The set up was very good. I had low expectations after reading other reviews but the only flaw I can see on the guitar is some plastic at the point of the pick guard that needs to be trimmed off and a rattle inside that made me nervous but all is well - so an 8 because it seems like these would have been easy for an inspector to see and fix.
Many useful features, easy to play - looks and feels great.
Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-III Electric Guitar Midnight Ebony
.At first I was a bit nervous about buying another EE-Epiphone-e. I have the SG but I really wasn't too impressed with it. I was very intrigue by all the features that epiphone presented in the ultra iii and I must say this is great buy. The sound is great especially from the nano-mag. It really sounds like you're playing an electric acoustic. Playing with the pup and nano-mag gives you very cool and unique sound but I definitely recommend using two amps just to create some sounds never heard of. Just use your imagination possibilities are endless. I haven't use the usb hook up yet, not much into guitar software but its a cool thing if I ever do need it. Great look, great feel, great sound , and great buy. I'm very happy with this purchase
Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-III Electric Guitar Midnight Ebony
.I purchased my first one at another store. The Vintage Sunburst finish was beautiful, the action was a little high, but the neck felt nice and I expected a little fret buzz from the reviews. The buzz got worse and I brought it back and after a week of trying, the luthier admitted defeat. I loved the NanoMag and the USB port and I decided it must have been a bad run. Decided to give MF a try, although a great store, I am not a big fan of the delivery folks. It arrived well packed and none the worse from its journey.
The AAA Vintage Sunburst Maple top is REALLY beautiful. This one arrived setup perfectly for my tastes. It only needed tuning and there is NO fret buzz what so ever. First, the NanoMag through an acoustic amp, I'm using a Kustom Siena 30, sings although you may want to lower the treble on the back of the guitar. The three Nanomag control are VERY variable. Second, the Probuckers sound very good and even better played along with the Nanomag.
The push/push switch does have a slight delay when switching between pick-ups but is not terribly annoying. My MAC recognized it immediately in Garage Band though there is some high pitch whine bleeding over into my Fender Blues Jr. when connected to the USB cable and I am using the one provided (USB with Ferrites attached) by EE-Epiphone-e.
After 1 month I am very pleased with this guitar. The 60's satin finished neck plays wonderfully, it kind of feels like my '74 L6-S, my very favorite. This Epi has taken over as my second favorite betting out my '98 California Strat. It feels solid, lighter than a Gibson Standard LS thanks to the chambered and contoured body, it is also comfortable to play for extended periods of time. On a one to ten I would give it a nine. For the price I don't think you can get better value for the money. Oh, I have been playing guitar for over 40 years and I have owned many guitars and although I never buy one with the intent of selling it later I have, for whatever reason. This one is definitely a keeper.
Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-III Electric Guitar Midnight Ebony
.Had this guitar for just about a year. plug it into my Randal V-2 and Acoustic amp for a double guitar sound, lot of people see 2 cords plugged into it and ask if it is a custom guitar. We are a performing band every weekend and the ultra 3 has been flawless. nothing like distortion and accoustic sound, sounds like 2 guitars playing. highly recomend to those who perform weekly. I get a lot of compliments !
Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-III Electric Guitar Midnight Ebony
.My purchase was a condition 2 guitar. It was very well packed & arrived in excellent shape. I had to look really close to find the very small frogs hair width scratch on the back of the body that had saved me a great deal of money. Great craftsmanship throughout the guitar. Upon first checkout there was a very slight fret buzz but once I got rid of the light gauge strings that were on it when it arrived & switch to the 10-46's that I use it disappeared completely. I'm sure a truss rod adjustment would have been in order to keep the light gauge on it.
The tonal quality is fantastic. I run the ProBucker Mags through a Peavey Supreme half stack & the Shadow Nano Mag through my Marshall MG-100 DFX which in turn is jacked into my P.A. system for a second tweak of the Shadow. I can create a very broad range wall of sound clean w/clean & clean w/dirty with everything in between. It's like having 3 part guitar harmony with just a slight push of a button! I've own to many guitars of various brands & models over a period of the 45 years I've been playing music to even remember them all, some costing more than I wish to remember. I've never been completely satisfied with any one guitar until now. The action is great. The feel of it outstanding. The music I can create with it makes my spirit soar! "Let there be Rock!" Yes I would recommend this guitar & have to several friends already LOL.
Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-III Electric Guitar Midnight Ebony
.Really been pleased with this product. This is my second les paul and unless they come out with an american version of the les paul ultra 3 I dont see myself ever needing another one. Really love the finish on the neck; I dont get that sticky feeling after playing a while. USB port, Built in tuner, and acoustic pickup make this guitar amazing. Never again will I have to carry multiple guitars to a recording session or gig.
Really like the built in tuner. Acoustic pickup sounds amazing and I really like the cut in the body. Makes it really light weight. Tuners themselves make it very easy to tune. Never really had any trouble getting the guitar in tune quickly.
Love the finish on the neck. Makes it easy to play. Solid instrument.
Not a bad price. Wish it came with a case but alas a good buy.
Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-III Electric Guitar Midnight Ebony
.Overall I do like the guitar but would warn you probably not gonna just rip it out of the box and go gigging without some fine tuning. Other than the listed above love the tones and rich sound of the ProBuckers and the sparkle of the Shadow pickups. Happy Playing...
This little jewel has some pretty sweet features. Great feel with a lighter body maybe a little neck heavy but not to bad, the satin neck slides like greased silk and the belly scar has a nice locked in feel. The change over between the ProBuckers and the Shadow mags takes a little finesse and it only cycles one direction. Plus if you arent jacked in each of the outputs it really limits your sound, feel bad for all the wireless guys having to double up. Very impressed with the Grover tuners very smooth and stable tuning that holds out longer than I can.
I was a little let down on the quality of the little things, such detail in the body left lacking to things like knobs that were put on crooked and off center, excess grease on the potentiometers causing sudden volume instead of a nice smooth 0 to 10. Fret buzz from action being set to low, all of which can be fixed with a quick trip to your friendly neighborhood luthier but should have been caught by quality control...
I would say the guitar is a little pricey but u can't take it with you so if u can afford all the extra bells and whistles go for it.
Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-III Electric Guitar Midnight Ebony
. Great Ideas, Good execution and well worth finding on sale.
Innovative blend of acoustic pickup and Burst Buckers with Stereo Jacks and USB for Native Instrument Software. Built in Tuner with LED indicators. Chambered body means saving a few lbs. and nice natural acoustic sound played unamplified and captured well through pickup.
Gold Grover Tuners, Solid Hardware, good electronics. Shipped in a box without a gig bag in December but arrived set up nicely and somewhat in tune when unwrapped and played. Everything works without noise. You may want to replace the pots with CTS to improve feel. The aged cherry burst finish is nicely quilted and back of neck finish is plain instead of the usual urethane. Well balanced compared to my 9 and 1/2 lb Les Paul in solid mahagony.
Compared to a Gibson LP Studio at the same price point, I'd rather have this technology combined with the chambered body. Keep it in the studio and you are all set with multiple amps, software using only one guitar to produce Crunch to Mellow.
Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-III Electric Guitar Midnight Ebony
.I am very pleased with this guitar. It looks great, plays great and sounds great. There is a lot of flexibility provided by the Ultra-III electronics and most imprtantly (for me at least) it stays in tune - I can't keep my Gibson LP in tune for a full song!
I love the features on this guitar, including the burstbucker pickups, on=baord tuner and USB output. Very nicely equipped.
This is no Gibson but the quality is still there. Very nice finish and it came nicely set up. The only compaint I have is that the pick-gaurdwas all scratched. I pointed this out to Custom Guitars Friend customer support however, and a new one is on the way.
Expensive for an EE-Epiphone-e LP, but considering the features and quality of the Ultra-III, I think this is reasonable value
Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-III Electric Guitar Midnight Ebony
.It's a great guitar but I have to say that this is my first big purchase from Custom Guitar's Friend and I am extremely satisfied with the quality of service I got. I got my guitar about 2 weeks ago. The back plastic plate for the battery compartment was brokern on one of the hinges. All I asked for was a replacement for the part. Instead, they sent me another brand new guitar. Wow! That's service!! I'm buying all my gear from here now.
Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-III Electric Guitar Midnight Ebony

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