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Epiphone Blueshawk Deluxe Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar Midnight Sapphire

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Hardshell Case of Epiphone Blueshawk Deluxe Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar Midnight Sapphire
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Product Description

EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e presents the new Blueshawk Deluxe, the long awaited return of an original classic first introduced in the 90s that' been a connoisseur' favorite ever since. The Blueshawk Deluxe features the upper bout curve and cutaway of a Les Paul but with the semi-hollowbody design and small f-holes of an archtop. The result is one of the most versatile and distinctive guitars anywhere. And now the EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e Blueshawk Deluxe features new P-90 PRO Single Coil pickups plus a 6-position Rotary VariTone.

The EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e Blueshawk Deluxe features a Mahogany body with a contoured back and a Maple top with a AAA Flame Maple Veneer. Both the body and the neck feature single-ply cream binding. The Blueshawk comes in three beautiful color finishes”Midnight Sapphire, Translucent Black, and Wine Red.

The Mahogany neck has a classic EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e SlimTaper D-shape profile with a 25.5 scale. The Blueshawk Deluxe has a smooth Rosewood fretboard with pearloid œDiamond inlays, a 12 radius, and 22 medium jumbo frets. The f-holes and semi-hollowbody construction along with the œLes Paul style cutaway make the Blueshawk Deluxe well balanced and easy to play with exceptional tone and range for chords and leads.

New P-90 PRO Pickups
The EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e Blueshawk Deluxe features new P-90 PRO single coil pickups. The P-90 PROs follow in the footsteps of the critically acclaimed ProBucker humbuckers and both are part of EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e' PRO series featuring old style construction materials for boutique sound that anyone can afford.

The Blueshawk Deluxe features a P-90R PRO Single Coil in the neck position and a P-90T PRO Single Coil in the lead position. Inside the body, there' a hum-cancelling "dummy" coil mounted between the pickups to provide hum reduction when the neck or bridge pickups are used alone. The pickups are controlled by the now classic Blueshawk 3-position pickup selector slide.

EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e P-90 PRO single coil pickups have been designed and tooled from the ground up with new bobbins manufactured to historic dimensions, Elektrisola magnet wire, sand cast Alnico V magnets, and pole shoes manufactured using correct alloys to original classic Gibson dimensions. And for you sticklers to detail, the new EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e P-90 PROs also have tin plated brass base plates like those used on '50s and '60s era Gibson P-90 pickups.

6 position Rotary VariTone
Along with exceptional power, the Blueshawk Deluxe also offers one-of-a-kind tonal flexibility. The 6-position Rotary VariTone provides a player with a wide tonal palette unavailable on most other instruments. The Varitone circuit is a "notch" filter that uses a range of capacitors to achieve a reduction in frequencies at set points within the BluesHawk's overall frequency spectrum. As the VariTone control is rotated from position 1 to position 6 the center frequency of the filter shifts from higher to lower frequencies. In position 1 the filter is removed from the circuit.

Controls include a Master Volume and a Master Tone with an easy to access Push/Pull VariTone True Bypass.The EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e Blueshawk Deluxe features a fully-adjustable EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e nickel bridge with a string-thru body design for incredible sustain. Tuning and intonation is made easy thanks to EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e Deluxe machine heads with a pro quality 18:1 tuning ratio. An optional hard case is also available.

Body Body shape: Single cutaway Body type: Semi-hollow or chambered body Body material: Solid wood Top wood: Maple Grade AAA Body wood: Mahogany Body finish: Gloss Orientation: Right handed Neck Neck shape: SlimTaper D Neck wood: Mahogany Joint: Set-in Scale length: 25.5" Truss rod: Standard Neck finish: Gloss Fretboard Material: Rosewood Radius: 12" Fret size: Medium jumbo Number of frets: 22 Inlays: Diamond Nut width: 1.68" (42.67mm) Pickups Configuration: SS Neck: P-90 PRO Middle: Not applicable Bridge: P-90 PRO Brand: EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e Active or passive: Passive Series or parallel: Series Piezo: No Active EQ: No Special electronics: Varitone Controls Control layout: Master volume, tone Pickup switch: 3-way Coil tap or split: No Kill switch: No Hardware Bridge type: Fixed Bridge design: 6-saddle string through body Tailpiece: Not applicable Tuning machines: Deluxe sealed Color: Nickel Other Number of strings: 6-string Special features: Versatile electronics Case: Sold separately Accessories: User's manual, truss-rod tool, poster Country of origin: China

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My first Blueshawk arrived with horrible fret buzz. The 5th fret was almost dead. I sent it back and found out that Custom Guitars Friend does not inspect guitars before they ship them. The second one came and I was promised that a tech would inspect it first. It arrived with a bad input jack so obviously it wasn't inspected. My first review wasn't posted here. Why would a company allow a customer to put them in a bad light I guess. EE-Epiphone-e is just as much to blame as MF, but I don't understand why MF doesn't inspect the guitars before shipping like other online stores do.
Epiphone Blueshawk Deluxe Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar Midnight Sapphire
.I almost bought one this summer, but they were an 'early advert' (new item, but ~backordered~). I decided to wait until they actually arrived. I did buy a Nighthawk Custom Reissue in the meantime, though, liked it, and felt better about getting this one after getting used to the Nighthawk. Aesthetically, I'd have put black covers on the P90s (instead of cream), but it's still beautiful; I got the black cherry one.
So, here's what's good: it's neck is immediately-familiar if you play Teles/Strats, and the bridge is Tele-ish. It's super-light. 3 of the 5 VariTone notches sound cool (and the p/p bypass on the tone pot is great; otherwise you'd have to click back from where you were to cut the filters out when you want).
Here's what's not so good: The tuners aren't the Grover tulips you might think they are, and they aren't really firm in their bushings (I'm going to replace them with the Grovers I took off my LesPaul). It's a little neck-heavy; not quite as bad as, say, an SG (as you could expect from a small hollow-body with a 25.5" scale lol). My 3-way switch is a little loose....
It was pretty easy to set up; the saddle height was maxed out on the bridge, and I didn't have the same problem others have had setting the intonation (I almost had to cut one spring so it would compress, but there was just enough room. The first run of these apparantly had the bridge located a little too close to the front pickup, and they wouldn't intonate before the saddle was bottomed out on the spring). My 4th string length-adjustment screw was half-stripped, btw.....
The P90s are quiet (I guess the dummy-coil works!), the bridge pickup screams, and the last 2 VariTone clicks, which are ~really~ nasally, actually work pretty well with wahs and envelope filters.
I recommend you get a blue or a grey one; no reason you should look as cool as me on stage =)
Epiphone Blueshawk Deluxe Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar Midnight Sapphire
.Very good/almost great guitar at a very reasonable price. Very attractive guitar (mine is blue flame) with hollow F-hole wings and attractive tuners, plus the neck and body are bound. Nice light weight!! Diamond fret marker inlays, just like the Gibson versions. EE-Epiphone-e keeps surprising me with their continued efforts toward improved quality. The older Epi P90's were lackluster, but these newer P-90 "Pros" actually have a great voicing, closer to Gibsons. Also, this guitar uses a "dummy coil" (located in a cavity in back of the guitar) to cancel the dreaded 60 cycle hum. So, you get a guitar with true P-90 attitude, but without the hum! A typical 3-way switch for pick-up selection, similar to a Telecaster (I'm changing to a 4-way which will add a parallel/series feature for the combined pups).. There is also a 6 position VariTone (with a 'chicken-head knob) which adds some different colors to the output (similar to an out-of-phase 'honk' which becomes more pronounced as you increase the VariTone positions). The VariTone works in any of the 3 pup selector positions. It is always active if the push-pull switching on the Tone Pot is down, the VariTone is defeated if the Tone pot is "up." My preference would be for it to be the other way around and I will re-wire it accordingly. The VariTone does reduce the output volume a bit (as does being out-of-phase), so be forewarned. BTW, great tone pot, 1 of the best I have ever had on a guitar. Like most guitars,, the action needs to be adjusted to suit your tastes and also the intonation needs to be calibrated. Not a big deal, at all. Incoming neck relief was fairly good, perhaps a bit flatter than I prefer (I like 0.008"-0.011" on the 8th fret) so I adjusted the truss rod. Once again, no big deal and this allowed me to better lower the action.
Epiphone Blueshawk Deluxe Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar Midnight Sapphire
.I've received three of the wine red Blueshawks...#1 and #3 would not intonate on the low strings...E and A (and I'm using standard tuning), This may be an issue with the first runs of this guitar, maybe just this color...but where is the QC for EE-Epiphone-e? I have a Nighthawk, so I measured the distance from the nut to the bridge...about 3/16 inch difference. Enough to run out of adjustment to keep the low strings from being sharp. #2 arrived with a cracked neck at the first and second fret, so I didn't check the intonation. This guitar has a plethora of sounds, it's a great size and weight...a pleasure to hold and play, plus it's eye candy for the guitarist. The P-90s...sweet to the ears.
I had waited about 5 weeks due to the Blueshawk being on backorder, so I was disappointed. But if the intonation issues are corrected I'd be interested in trying this again.
If you don't play down the neck or if intonation is not high on your list...try one, it has potential.
Epiphone Blueshawk Deluxe Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar Midnight Sapphire
.OK, I am not a kid buying one guitar and expecting it to be everything and every sound. I have 35-40 guitars. None cheap. 8 Gibson LPs and a dozen Epi"s. One Epi I love is the Nighthawk. Blueshawk is awesome. P90s sound right. I am comparing with Gibson LP with P90's. Was not crazy about Blueshawk at first. But I have Rev Willie 7s on everything..So I changed the new strings to 7s. AWESOME. Bright when needed, soulful. This coming from a southerner that grew up on ABB, the real ones, ZZ and the 3 Kings. This is an awesome guitar. Great neck. Sounds good. Looks good. Tight. Electronics are solid. Easily compares to anything I own EXCEPT for the 2 2015 LPs I have with brass nuts, 57 & 57+. That was so nice I bought a second, exactly the same. JUST IN CASE something bad happened. This Blueshawk is a find. Period. Love P90s, Dummy coil works great. Veritone just like my Lucille but smaller & easy to handle. AWESOME GUITAR.
Epiphone Blueshawk Deluxe Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar Midnight Sapphire

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Truly amazing value. If you're reading this you probably know it's a copy of the Gibson from the late 90's. Neck is very good :12 in. radius, 25.5 in. scale, no prickly fret ends, no buzzing frets, string height perfect out of the box. EE-Epiphone-e tuners seem okay, staying in tune so far. I anticipated it might be neck heavy but not so. Small light weight body is comfortable. Pickups are loud and clear, volume and tone controls are good. Just got this so I'm still playing with the varitone switch, exploring different tone possibilities. Pop up the tone knob to bypass varitone. What's it for? Certainly blues and rock. Jazz too. Watch the Stacey Matchhard video and hear him nail 'Summertime". It will also twang for country. Finally it is eye candy. Mine is quilted blue with the white pickups. If it didn't work at all I'd be tempted to keep it and just hang it on the wall. Buddy of mine out of state still has the Gibson. Would love to play these two guitars back to back to compare. Even if its a copy it's terrific. Would be a steal even if it costed more.
Epiphone Blueshawk Deluxe Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar Midnight Sapphire
.Plays beautifully. P90s sound great.
The varitone circuit is very useable if you're into unusual unique tones, if not, you can just use it in standard mode.
Best sounding and playing China made guitar that I've played. It appears the Chinese manufacturers are at the quality point that Korea, and then Indonesia, had several years ago.
Epiphone Blueshawk Deluxe Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar Midnight Sapphire
.Before I begin, I would like to just clarify that I have been playing the instrument (and studying the guitar) for six years. So bear with me, I am not an expert- but I do know a little bit of what I am talking about.
My biggest gig was a New Year's Eve party with a set that was only 30 minutes (naturally with the songs my band and I composed, we could only play four in that period). With that being said it is not a random fact to add, I mention my gig because I wish I would have had this guitar before it was 2015.

I pre-ordered the gray/black finish, and it had been back-ordered a few times but it was fine, and it was worth the wait.
This guitar is SO versatile. I could not believe it when I plugged her in and messed around. The rotary switch is Heaven sent. That was one of the winning components about this guitar for me. The switch at first doesn't appear to have a difference, but when you sit down and really dissect the tonal ranges with the switch (while also selecting the pickups) it just blows your mind. With a flick of the rotary switch, you can have a nice smooth jazz tone going to the amp, and then just moving the switch one notch either forward or back, you can achieve a nice thumping funk vibe.

The neck is absolutely beautiful. I have an EE-Epiphone-e Les Paul Ultra as well, and the necks are just immaculate. I love the finish on them.

Another favorite feature for me; aesthetics speaking, are the tuning knobs. Forever and a day I have wanted these kind when I saw Warren Haynes' Les Paul with those plastic-like tuning knobs. So when I saw them in person, my heart palpitated a little.

Needless to say, with all of my rambling put aside. This guitar is a total winner in my books. For my next gig(s) I will be fortunate to have one of these bad boys in my arsenal.

Custom Guitar's Friend is always the best website for anything music related.
Epiphone Blueshawk Deluxe Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar Midnight Sapphire
.This is an exceptional guitar. It's lighter than a Les Paul and comfortable after playing for long periods of time and the upper bout carved is a really nice add, I'm surprised that more solid body guitars don't have this feature. The VariTone switch makes this guitar so versital I was blown away when playing and changing positions. This guitar has the abilty to meet many needs of any guitarist.
Epiphone Blueshawk Deluxe Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar Midnight Sapphire
.This is my second review for corrections an additional comments..

I have several guitars that use P-90 pickups. Most of which are very retro, but that's where you live if you like P-90's. The Blueshawk is a new design using technology to bring those big fat single coils under control. These types of pickups give you more tone than humbuckers and now have a hum cancelling pickup installed in the back of the guitar between the neck and bridge pickups. What you get is almost no hum. When under the same conditions with old style soapbar powered guitars you get major HUM...... Hmmm.. and then it comes to the 6 position chicken head switch, it seems to be most effective when both pickups are on, offering a really wide range of tonal selection, which is very useful when recording. In addition when using the Chicken Head switch the Tone Control Nob works like a squelch giving wa like tones, as well as bypassing the Chicken Head switch selection. I have been searching for a long time to find something like the Blueshawk that combines high tech with retro sound. I found it, a redesigned better Les Paul and the sapphire is sooooo beautiful..

Also I fitted the Blueshawk in my Gibson Deluxe SG case which secures it much better than the EE-Epiphone-e SG Case.
Epiphone Blueshawk Deluxe Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar Midnight Sapphire


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