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Epiphone EDREAD Dreadnought Hardshell Case

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Hardshell Case of Epiphone EDREAD Dreadnought Hardshell Case
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Product Description

The EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e EDREAD Dreadnought Hardshell Case is a rugged wood case covered in Tolex and featuring padded plush lining, heavy-duty handle, and an accessory compartment. Provides maximum protection.

Rugged wood structure Tough Tolex covering Padded plush lining Heavy-duty handle

You love your guitar, so keep it in a case. Order today.

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The EE-Epiphone-e EDREAD Case has served me very well over the last 5 years. The exterior seams are all still intact, all the laches still work fine, the key still works, the interior plush lining has not separated from the plys anywhere that I can see, and I like the bigger inside storage compartment. I'd recommend this product to anyone. As they say, it's a great bang for the buck.
I've owned the EE-Epiphone-e EDREAD Dreadnought Hardshell Case for going on five years now and I can tell you, it's one tough cookie. I also own a Martin Hardshell 345 Case so it's fairly easy for me to draw a comparison. From an appearance standpoint, picture admiring the most beautiful armored car you ever saw versus viewing a sleek black Mercedes. But, now, let's look at how the two cases differ in terms of construction and functionality.

The EE-Epiphone-e EDREAD is indeed an armored car. If the ultimate protection for your guitar is what you're looking for, the EDREAD is the case to buy. On the outside, the Tolex covering is durable and easy to clean. The case has 5 laches versus the 3 found on the Martin 345. The EDREAD locks with a key versus a small padlock on the 345. Around the neck, EE-Epiphone-e attaches its exterior to the inner plys with rivets. With Martin, the process is done with small, black U-shaped brads which are basically invisible. The EDREAD has a more comfortable padded handle versus the molded plastic one used on the 345.

On the inside, the EDREAD has a little more padding than the 345. The EDREAD is 1/2 in. wider in the lower bout than the 345 and 1&1/2 in. longer in length. Of course, this is because the EE-Epiphone-e DR-100 guitar is slightly larger than say a Martin D-28, especially in the headstock area. These cases are made to fit, but I can also get my EE-Epiphone-e into the Martin case without a problem.

The EDREAD case is a workhorse period. It's a little heavier than most of the cases out there, but then again, armored cars are not very light. And bear in mind, this not an ugly case by any stretch.
While I wouldn't strap the EE-Epiphone-e EDREAD Case to my back while bull riding, it will function well in most any other environment.
For the protection it offers, the EE-Epiphone-e EDREAD Case is a great buy.
Epiphone EDREAD Dreadnought Hardshell Case
. I am very pleased with my choice of this case. I bought an EE-Epiphone-e for my first guitar, and was very pleased with quality for the price. This EE-Epiphone-e hardcase is another example of the quality of the brand.
Very well designed, and sturdy. The accessories compartment has ample room for everything you might want to care with you.

I wasn't sure about whether it would fit my guitar, as they don't give a good online chart to show which hardshell guitar cases fit which accoustic guitars. I think they should provide this service. I had to take a chance based on a comment from a review, that this one will work for my EE-Epiphone-e DR-100 accoustic guitar. It does fit.

My guitar fit snugly, like a glove. Being a beginner, I have to guess that is the way it is supposed to fit.
The case is well made inside and out, with no flaws in workmanship. The liner is a nice gray plush, that donsn't lint on my guitar. The lid aligns and fit the case body perfectly. I am pleased to see there are latches all around the case to keep the lid secure, and add support to the hinges. I'm sure it prevents warping of the case, and damage when shipping.
I recommend this case for guitar. It is a good quality case, and the price is very reasonable. I can't see how the higher priced case could have any better cases, for the extra bucks.
Epiphone EDREAD Dreadnought Hardshell Case
.I didn't realize how well made this case was until I ordered a Martin DRS1, which came with their 345 case.

The Martin case has stitching that's coming apart and is horrible.

The EDREAD is sturdy, has very nice stitching and design is rock solid.
Epiphone EDREAD Dreadnought Hardshell Case
.I bought this for my EE-Epiphone-e Hummingbird Pro, and I couldn't ask for a better case. Solid construction, comfortable feel when carrying. My hummingbird fits in it perfectly. Any dreadnought should fit nicely.
Epiphone EDREAD Dreadnought Hardshell Case
.The Ibanez ArtCore AS73 series guitar case , specified for my new and beautiful Ibanez AS7312 12 string guitar was too short. The head stock did not fit.

Royce at Custom Guitar's Friend helped me with the return, and found me this beautiful EE-Epiphone-e EDREAD case, which fits very well (with the addition of a bath towel, under the guitar body in the bottom of the case to level the neck). Now my new 12 string guitar has 1,1/2 inches of clearance at the headstock in a real plush case with great latches and a leather handle, for nearly the same cost. The sides of the Ibanez AS7312 fit nearly perfectly, with no slop.

Keeping the 12 string inside of this case in cold weather (with inside temperate swings of 5 degrees F) really helps keep the guitar in tune , with great protection and a large compartment for accessories.
Epiphone EDREAD Dreadnought Hardshell Case
.I give this case a 10 across the board. It's visually attractive...it's built like a tank....it's more than affordable. There is no reason that I can see not to buy this case. When I first took it out of it's box, it seemed huge to me...I thought that it would never fit my little masterbilt...but," it turns out it fits it perfectly..and it's really not any bigger then any of my other acoustic cases. It does have that horrid ""new case"" smell"," but that's nuthin' that an hour or so in the sunshine won't remedy. I'm more than happy with this case.
This is a super nice case. I was pleasently surprised to find that the actual case differs slightly from the picture on the website. Instead of the standard ""all black"" tolex", it features a very nice brown trim around the edges and a brown leather-like handle. It's got a nice archtop, sturdy latches and very soft, plush interior that hugs the guitar pretty snug...I got this case for an EE-Epiphone-e Masterbilt DR500P, and it fits it like a glove. It's got a roomy storage compartment and it's very sturdy and substantial feeling when you carry it around. It's a bit heavy, but that's just all the better to store the guitar in for protection.
The quality seems top notch to me so far...mind you, I haven't taken my guitar on a world tour in this case or anything, but it seems to be well built. The latches close snugly, but not too tight...the tolex covering is very nice looking...not the pebbly textured type tolex thats usuallyl on cases, but a smooth, leather-like material. The brown trim and handle, and the charcoal grey, plush interior make this case very luxurious. Very nice.
Value is great...when I saw this case, I couldn't believe what I had paid for it...it looks and feels like a case that would cost 2 or 3 times what Custom Guitars Friend is selling it for. It's a steal of a deal and if you need a case for your Epi dread, don't pass this one up...If I were to just happen by this case in a music store, I'd expect it to be an expensive, top of the line case...but luckily enough for us starving musicians...it's VERY affordable.
Epiphone EDREAD Dreadnought Hardshell Case
.I recently purchased a black Epi Hummingbird from Custom Guitar's Friend. When it was delivered, I was so happy with it that I was ashamed to let it "live" in my gig bag, so I bought this case for it! Great case, perfect fit, good value! It hugs my little Blackbird and will protect it well.It's well-built and is just a real good-looking case too. Thanks again to Custom Guitar's Friend for having what I needed, when I wanted it and at the right price!
Epiphone EDREAD Dreadnought Hardshell Case
.This case is better than the photo. It has an archtop and 5 latches. The handle is leather-like and very comfortable. It seems to be sturdy enough for anything short of airline travel. The case fits my EE-Epiphone-e Masterbilt AJ-500M like a glove. I bought this used for a nice savings from MF and it arrived in like new condition. I am very pleased with the purchase.
Epiphone EDREAD Dreadnought Hardshell Case
.I bought this when I ordered my Epi Dove. It fits the guitar nice and snug,has plenty of plush lining and I like the gold EE-Epiphone-e name and gold hardware. I just can't say enough good things about it. I also like that this company shipped my guitar in the case,well protected. THANKS!!
Epiphone EDREAD Dreadnought Hardshell Case
.Just got it in today after ordering it on Saturday and it's a perfect fit, for my MIK 1995 ,EE-Epiphone-e PR-350 . I couldn't be happier. Thanks Custom Guitar's Friend, well done !
Epiphone EDREAD Dreadnought Hardshell Case

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