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Boss AW-3 Dynamic Wah Guitar Effects Pedal

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Product Description

The Boss AW-3 Dynamic Wah Pedal gives guitarists a wide range of classic auto-wah and dynamic wah effects, plus a new "humanizer" effect that can simulate human vowel sounds. The Boss AW-3's bass input even provides a variety of funky wah sounds for bass guitar. An EXP mode allows wah control via optional expression pedal.

Auto-wah and dynamic wah Humanizer simulates vocal sounds Bass input Expression pedal jack

Here's a wah that can talk about it! Put it in the cart.

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I have been reading the reviews, particularly from guitar players. So this is my take on this pedal, which I own. This pedal is not meant to replace a real wah, and it is not marketed as such. It is not aimed at rock players (by reading the reviews you can tell they dont know how to use it). It is meant for funk players. A large number of professional funk guitarists have one of these in their rig. The auto-wah, or dynamic-wah sound is a staple of funk music. Some funk players dont use it, but many do. It has its place. But as I said earlier, it is not meant to do the same thing as a regular wah. It gives you different sounds based on sweeping frequencies. If you are lazy, and want the pedal to do the job for you, then you will be disappointed to know that this pedal wont do that. If you are into Funk, do yourself a favor and buy this pedal. It is a lot of fun, and funk rhythms take a new character when you use this pedal properly. Granted, some functions youll probably never use. But once again, if you are a funk player, youll love this pedal. Players who only play rock will never understand the true value of this gem of a pedal. My two cents.
Great Pedal
Boss AW-3 Dynamic Wah Guitar Effects Pedal
.I had initially purchased the EHX Q-tron + because I wanted a funky sound for my bass. After all, there are countless articles about how the Funk Masters use this device (maybe the original Mu-Tron is the real answer, but I'm not spending the money on that vintage tool). The Q-tron + sucked my tone and volume, and also created a noisy sound similar to wow and flutter. Not what I wanted. This BOSS AW-3 arrived yesterday, and after comparing it to the MXR M-188 (Bass Auto Q Auto Wah) I decided to keep the BOSS. Several reasons: this device has many tonal variations, is noise free, built ruggedly, easy to use, and practically every tweak of the dials produces sounds that are pleasant. From subtle to extreme, this pedal is worth it and is cheaper in $ than the MXR box. It's made for both guitar and/or bass, has separate inputs for each, and even has another jack for an expression pedal for manual wah control. I don't plan on using the latter, because I get enough sound variations by using different dynamics with my right hand. Hard, soft, and slapping/popping produces different sounds. I use my Micro POG just before the BOSS to further enhance this already cool pedal. The two together are greater than the sum of their parts.
Boss AW-3 Dynamic Wah Guitar Effects Pedal
.This wah does what a wah is made to do. It wah wahs for you, enabling you to focus on playing rather than rockking your foot. Its tone is pretty convincing and have found 3-4 very usable settings on this BOSS.It's very musical in the right hands...give it a week before rating. It takes some time to find the sweet spots.
Boss AW-3 Dynamic Wah Guitar Effects Pedal
.Overall I thought this would be an Crybaby like wah and a cool auto-wah/envelope filter in one amazing versatile and great-sounding unit. While it has many features, it's spread too thin. It's sort of like a cheap buffet, has lots of variety, but none of the food is anything you'd write home about.

It sounds cheesy, it doesn't go to an extremes, it plays it safe.
Yes this thing has many different modes and many features, but to me it's sort of like putting a bunch of toppings on a dried shriveled-up convinience store hot dog; no matter what you do to it, the meat of it just isn't all that good. The decay knob seems to do very little, and while there are many different modes, none of them seem to have much of a range of tonal flexibility and sounds cheesy.
Built like any other Boss pedal, like a tank, and it even has an input for an expression pedal, but sound quality sucks, with the expression pedal this thing is nowhere near as good as even a standard Crybaby.
I bought this fairly cheap and it feels exactly that, a cheap pedal more for laughs and amusement. I can't imagine a professional or serious musician using this for gigs.
Boss AW-3 Dynamic Wah Guitar Effects Pedal
.I just purchased this today and in my opinion its pretty good. What I enjoyed about it is that you don't constantly have to stomp on it. One press and the wah-wah is on. For the price here it seems pretty reasonable. Just be sure to pick up the extra cord to connect it to your amp and guitar.
Boss AW-3 Dynamic Wah Guitar Effects Pedal
.Okay, so I was a rock/metal guitarist when I bought this thing, and holy smokes did I hate it. I thought this pedal sucked. But I realised, it is not made for rock/metal players. I have become a funk player lately and decided to give this pedal a second shot, I absolutely fell in love with it. On bass, its even better, this thing sounds incredible with slap bass. I realised it was an amazing pedal, I just didn't use it correctly. Please go buy this diamond of a pedal.
Boss AW-3 Dynamic Wah Guitar Effects Pedal
.I have tried every envelope filet on the market- all the classics. This is by far my favorite!. You can get all the classic filter sounds here, plus my favorite- the closest description is Chris Squire's sound on "Tormato."
You can hear me using it on "Country Open" and "The Opera" on the "Jazz Mandolin Project" album.
Boss AW-3 Dynamic Wah Guitar Effects Pedal
.Just getting into using pedals with my bass. Wrote this funk song and i could hear it wanted wah. Saw youtube video of this pedal in action, bought it and am really happy. I may not use it for many tunes but it does wonders. The dynamic aspect is great being able to dial in the parameters of the wah effect. It's a keeper.
Boss AW-3 Dynamic Wah Guitar Effects Pedal
.Just the sound i wanted on my bass for this funk tune i wrote. Haven't played with setting much.
Boss AW-3 Dynamic Wah Guitar Effects Pedal
.Love the sound of this pedal works great!
Boss AW-3 Dynamic Wah Guitar Effects Pedal

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