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Boss MD-2 Mega Distortion Pedal

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Hardshell Case of Boss MD-2 Mega Distortion Pedal
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Product Description

The secret of the Boss MD-2 Mega Distortion Pedal is a dual-stage distortion circuit with an added Gain Boost, plus Bottom and Tone controls for crushing distortion with massive low end. If new-school metal is your thing, the Boss Mega Distortion is your pedal.

Produces extreme, low-end distortion for modern metal and hard rock Gain Boost circuit creates huge distortion and sustain regardless of level New Bottom control for bottom-heavy distortion matched to 7-string guitars

Order today and get play heavy.

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My oh my. What a rockin' stomp. I'll tell you a story...

My wife bought me a Delta Labs "Rock Distortion" pedal for our 1st Anniversary. Totally sweet, right? Being that I already have a $2k+ half stack and an assortment of pedals, I decided I probably didn't need the pedal and returned it after trying it. In all fairness, it did sound pretty good. Very marshally.

Deciding to then spend the money on some mic stands or some drum heads, I saw a bright orange MD-2 sitting in the case with a used sign in front of it. I had been curious about this pedal for awhile as some friends had recommended it to me (yah right, I got a Marshall and Mesa/Boogie, I don't need a dirt box!).

I plugged it into the Frontman 112 at the store and was pleasantly surprised. It blew me away. Deep, thick. It sounded like I had a Marshall JCM2000 4x12 cranked low right in front of me. How'd they do it? I fiddled with the settings for about a half an hour, I couldn't quit playing through it. I tried it with an H/S/S strat, and while it shined on the humbucker, the singles sounded killer too. Knowing that my own personal want vs. need war was kicking in, I decided to skip the mic stands and the drum heads (needs) and buy the want (MD-2).

I brought it home and plugged it into several different amplifiers - a Peavey Classic 30, a Peavey Rage 112, my Mesa Boogie halfstack, my Marshall, and my P.A. system. My results were varied. All of them sounded fair with the pedal in their own right. I found differences though. Through the Classic 30 the pedal sounded like a Boss distortion pedal. Nothing special. Lots of tweaking required and the bottom end sounded like mud so I had to tweak it to sound like a DS-1. Through the old Rage it sounded like a digital replication of a muffled distortion pedal. Through my half stack it was a little more convincing and huge but still sounded like an average Boss/Roland stomp box. Underwhelmed, I plugged the pedal into the P.A. hoping for the best (as this is where I would be using it most). There it was! It sounded as if I was playing my half stack at lower volumes.

Your RESULTS WILL VARY with this pedal depending on what you feed it through. But considering that it sounds best through P.A. systems and small clean amps like the Frontman, I can consider it being my portible Rectifier for smaller gigs. OK, so it may not have the stage appeal the stacks do, but the sound is close - and even convincing to most.

LISTEN UP! I always keep the BASS and GAIN boosts cranked and adjust the Distortion level to taste. This pedal will react to small knob changes and can do slight break-up while still retaining a Strat's pure tone. The GAIN boost is a warm boosted Overdrive circuit that makes the pedal sound more like a Mesa/Boogie and the Distortion knob is more of an artificial Marshall tone though it is best when it is at noon or lower. If you keep the GAIN BOOST on full at all times, you can get a warm break-up by keeping your Dist between 0 and 9 o'clock. Very versatile! I keep the Treble around 1 o'clock to keep the fizz at a minimum.

I recommend it but make sure it works through your gear before you drop the lettuce on it. This pedal can be underwhelming or overwhelming - your results will vary!
Boss MD-2 Mega Distortion Pedal
.This is not a pedal for those who like crisp light distortion that retains you guitars tone. This pedal is meant for dark heavy modern rock. The bass is extreme, and the tone control acts the same and a high cut filter. There is almost too much gain in this pedal, and it is very noisy.
The gain levels are insane. This isnt for blues players who like there overdrive and amp breakup. The distortion is reminiscent of the Ds-1, which cascades into the gain boost to create the insane heavy modern tones, Again, DONT BUY THIS PEDAL IF YOU ARENT INTO MODERN HEAVY ROCK AND METAL. Most reveiws say that this pedal is too heavy and noisy, but these issueare probably due to poor quality equpiment that they use with the pedal. Also, the controls on the pedal should be set carefully and suddely, maxing out an any knob on this pedal with just sreate overdistorted fuzz and crunch. There is no amount of headroom on any amp to handle that. So, buy if your into heavy distortion, big bottom end and have an amp with great headroom. Dont over do it.
Boss MD-2 Mega Distortion Pedal
.Between this pedal and the Boss Metal Zone, my distortion needs are practically covered. Metal Zone gives me the sustain and high end distortion needs, the MEGA DISTORTION gives me all the warm fuzzy low-end distortion I want. It offers everything from a subtle overdrive to that crunchy, warm nu metal tone. Great quality (it will last forever) and good features (there are many ways to alter the distortion tone). A great investment.
Boss MD-2 Mega Distortion Pedal
.I ordered this pedal on thursday and i got it today on tuesday, i love this thing! It is perfect for everything from classical rock to metal. This is probably the best cheap pedal you will ever find and i am very satisfied with it. The only thing i would disagree on about it would be NOTHING!!!!! Honestly there are no flaws it came in the package without a sctratch. And with a 5 year warranty, it is wonderful, i really recommened this pedal to beginners and even old players. You must get this it requires no other chords except for the PSA adapter but thats only if you dont have batterys. If your looking for a GOOD PEDAL, this MD-2 BOSS Mega Distortion pedal is for you!!!!
Great sound works for lots of songs!
LOVE IT, definently worth more than what you pay for its really a steal!
Boss MD-2 Mega Distortion Pedal
.Here's the problem. When I would turn the distortion up past 1:00 position,
it started squealing very bad! It was uncontrollable. I have not had that kind
of problem before with any of my other Boss pedals. I had to send it back.
It just wasn't working out for me.
I have always liked Boss pedals. The majority of pedals I own are Boss. The controls are well
laid out, and the finish is first rate. They come with a 5 year warranty.
This pedal was a disappointment for me. Very bad feedback and squealing.
Custom Guitar's Friend gave me a great deal on this pedal.
Boss MD-2 Mega Distortion Pedal
.This is a great distortion pedal for the price. It can play anything from Rock to Heavy Metal. It's not a great pedal for beginners or anyone who loves to play Blues.
Boss MD-2 Mega Distortion Pedal
.If you want a big Sabath sound then this is for you. It gives you a bottom heavy rock sound. Unfortunetly it is mislabeled as a "Nu-metal" pedal, but none the less it is a great pedal.
Boss MD-2 Mega Distortion Pedal
.This pedal doesn't really do a modern metal sound, despite how it's advertised. That's not really what I bought it for though, so I don't consider it a negative. In reality it sounds very similar to the DS-1, just with more gain and low end due to the added "bottom" control. The gain boost control adds a different sort of tonal quality to it. It's kinda like putting an overdive pedal in front of a distorted amp, it pushes it a little harder and tightens up the lows a bit. It really nails that early '90s buzzsaw tone like Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins. I'd say for modern hard rock it's great, just don't expect to be playing death metal out of it!
Boss MD-2 Mega Distortion Pedal
.I grabbed one of these used just recently & on it's own...it's kind of the typical Boss distortion. Neither the most dynamic or the most realistic/tube-like sounding/feeling distortion. But it does seem to be a marked improvement from a lot of their older units that I've owned (nearly everything from the early 80's on). Typically Boss units (to me) always seemed overly harsh & artificial sounding in the upper mids and just gave off a grating "feel" & tone that did not make me want to use them. Their new Power Stack seems to mostly eradicate that problem & this unit is maybe a notch or so below that one. If I keep the TONE knob below 1:00 or so and the BOTTOM knob at about 2:30-ish it gives you a massive sounding grit, w/a ton of low end, without being to muffled. If either of those two creeps up higher than that. It starts to get either harsh or farty...depending on which knob is cranked.On it's own, I might not be super impressed...but I'm currently using it in conjunction with the Boss Power Stack in a split setup with one pedal going to one amp and the other pedal going to a 2nd amp and it really shines in that setup. Both are set to about 3/4 of the max gain & the Power Stack gives you the beefy mids, while the MD-2 provides a ton of low end & some upper-end sizzle. Both are set to less than full gain & goosed w/a overdrive for solos. So far, it seems like my favorite setup that I've had in many years.I gave it high marks for value & quality, just because Boss pedals are always durable and reliable & thus a great value for the $. Probably not the single most versatile Dist pedal out there...But for my setup it works excellent. If it was broken or was lost...I might look at other pedals...but I would definitely keep it in the running when looking for a replacement.
Boss MD-2 Mega Distortion Pedal
.I watched a video demo for this pedal and I was impressed and eager to get my hands on this at first but I was seriously let down. Normally I'm a huge fan of Boss pedals but this one was seriously disappointing but I'm sure that's only because this pedal wasn't meant for my style of music. When I see the words "Mega" and "Distortion" together I want to hear a distortion that is so heavy it kills all others. Save your money and get a Boss Metalcore or Boss Metal Zone if you want something heavy. Or better yet, if you're not into boss at all grab an Electro Harmonix metal muff.
Boss MD-2 Mega Distortion Pedal

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