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Boss RE-20 Space Echo Delay / Reverb Pedal

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Hardshell Case of Boss RE-20 Space Echo Delay / Reverb Pedal
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Product Description

One of the most beloved echo effects ever made, the Roland RE-201 Space Echo, has been reborn as the BOSS RE-20 Twin Pedal! Experience the legendary tape-echo sound of the RE-201, and get "lost in space" with this retro-modern marvel.

Amazing simulation of the famous Roland RE-201 guitar pedal, with the spacious, analog tone of the original Space Echo

Faithful modeling of the RE-201's tape flutter and magnetic head sound saturation

Tap input pedal allows delay time to be set by foot

Longer delay time than the original RE-201

Control parameters such as REPEAT RATE, INTENSITY, and more via Expression pedal.

MODE SELECTOR knob with 12 placements just like the original Space Echo

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I will always own one of these RE-20's. I have been using Roland Tape Echos as far back as 1977. Fooie on the Critics.... I LOVE the sounds I get with this little gem. PLUS... No more expense and hassle of Tape. No more crackly/noisy worn out parts. As for sound and performance quality, i'll say this. I own a Pod X3 (Has Great Sounding Space Echo Model) and several other Echos, all of which I use. RE-20 has Best Sound, Best knob layout, Most Versatility, Best ease of use while Playing. My personal favorite. Thank You Roland for giving us back that Haunting, Dark Etherial Led Zeppelin Lead Guitar Sound of "You Shook Me" & "Dazed & Confused" !! Excellent product, Solid as a Rock.
Boss RE-20 Space Echo Delay / Reverb Pedal
.I have the Boss DD-20. That is my delay pedal. I consider the RE-20 a 'special effects' pedal. You get space echo in all kinds of variations. Very tweakable. It's not a synth. It's not a go-to delay. You know how Steppenwolf's 'Magic Carpet Ride' begins? That's what this pedal does.With the intensity knob it doesn't take much to alter feedback. It can get damn noisy if you go too far. Slight adjustments to get it just right does the trick just fine.I like this more hooking it up to my keyboards. I'm happy with this purchase.
Boss RE-20 Space Echo Delay / Reverb Pedal
.I wanted one of these pedals when they came out. I finally took the plunge this year and purchased the pedal. I'm sure most guitarists have had the experience of looking forward to receiving a pedal only to plug it in and get that "meh" feeling. Plenty of tweaking options but in this digital age, and especially from a digital pedal, it would be nice to have the ability to save a few parameters. Sound is good and does a decent job of emulating a tape echo. For an extra hundred, you can get a Line 6 M9 and have another decent tape echo emulator plus an additional 100 effects. Decent pedal, good quality parts, decent sound, but too expensive for this one trick pony. Don't forget to budget for a power chord. It does not come with one.
Boss RE-20 Space Echo Delay / Reverb Pedal
.I just got one of these pedals, and though the price tag is a bit high, it's built like a tank and has that really nice retro tape echo sound just like the original. Great for making trippy noise, as well as adding that great Roland echo. Even has the analog tape flutter and sound deterioration if the echo plays too long. As a Pink Floyd fan I can finally get the spacy sound that made them what they were. Expensive, but worth it if you got the ducketts.
Boss RE-20 Space Echo Delay / Reverb Pedal
.I recently bought the RE-20 hoping for a replacement for my old tape-based Space Echo. After waiting three months to get the pedal I was initially quite impressed with the pedal as it did a pretty good job of replicating the sound of a space echo.However, the RE-20 adds a digital huzz/sheen to your sound. It's like you can hear the digital processing in the background. For those that don't believe me, turn on a distortion pedal and turn your guitar volume all the way down. You will hear an almost phased type sound in the background. I found this pretty unacceptable and have since returned the pedal.I realize that the original tape echos came with noise of their own and I'm willing to accept that from a 30-year old product. However, I think BOSS should have done a better job at removing this 'huzz' from the pedal. I mean, the hiss of a tape-delay is not exactly a selling point.If you can get by this huzz then you'll enjoy the pedal. However, I really wouldn't recommend it and I'm not usually very picky about noisy/humming guitar 'things.'
Boss RE-20 Space Echo Delay / Reverb Pedal
.The Roland Space Echo RE-201 is one of the all-time greatest tape delay machines and this pedal does an excellent job of recreating the sounds of the original. Skeptics need only to listen with an open mind to hear how close the RE-20 gets to an actual vintage unit. While recording with the RT-20, the engineer, who uses a vintage RE-201 in the studio, told me that mine sounded as good as his but "without all the hiss". I'd love to own an original, but the RE-20 is more affordable, compact and practical. This is hands-down the most versatile and best sounding delay I've owned, and that includes some really nice analog and digital delays like the Ibanez AD-9, EH Deluxe Memory Man and Boss DD-3.

If you want a modeling pedal that will give you a variety of delay types, there are better choices out there, including Boss' own DD-20. The RE-20 is all about tape delay and the Roland Space Echo experience, in particular. Having said that, this device has a lot of range and can take you from rockabilly slapback to full-on space rock madness to swampy Black Ark dub soup and beyond.
Boss RE-20 Space Echo Delay / Reverb Pedal
.I'm in an emotional hardcore band with post rock and shoegaze influences, and this perfect fit into my pedal board perfectly. Right now I'm running: Epiphone Les Paul Standard into a Korg Pitch Black Tuner > Morely Volume Plus > Carl Martin OctaSwitch With Gig FX VOD, TC Electronic Nova Delay, Boss FL-3, Boss RE-20, Boss RV-5 into my Laney AOR Tube Head with an Ampeg SLM 4x12 Cab. I use it with my Delay and Reverb pedal to thicken it up even more with the Intensity knob on the RE-20 set pretty high for longer feedback time which produces a nice textural droning sound. The twist feature the RE-20 adds excellent atmospheric strangeness that you won't find in many other pedals. The Boss DD-20 has a twist feature as well but it sounds cheesey compaired to the twist feature of the RE-20. The boss DD-20 is a great solid Delay unit but the RE-20 is great for atmosphere, and that's what I use it for. The RE-20's Delay is able to do some of the more particular echo patterns that dedicated delay pedals produce only with more ambience with a chorusy modulation sound. My only complaint is that when not plugged into the effects loop of my head even when the pedal is off the voltage current is slightly audible when not playing. It has a fuzzy hum to it that ramps at the speed the pedal's set at. I found that putting it in your effects loop cures the problem however.Overal great pedal I have the features a 4.0 instead of a 5 because it's more of a hands on pedal when used to it's fullest potential. You can create all kinds of unique sounds by turning knobs to your liking. If used in a practical sense however it provides a nice textural tone that thickens up your sound and fattens your ambience.
Boss RE-20 Space Echo Delay / Reverb Pedal
.I bought this because I love echo and delay.I have a memory man, a Boss DL-20 giga delay, and I love the delay on my Me-50.I thought I would buy this just "to have", maybe a total different sound...Returned it! Wasn't worth the time or price.
Boss RE-20 Space Echo Delay / Reverb Pedal
.I have not had the opportunity to use the real thing, but nonetheless this thing breathes life into my modular synthesizer! It sounds amazing and I have no regrets whatsoever buying it.
Boss RE-20 Space Echo Delay / Reverb Pedal
.I own numerous echo units including the carl martin Delayla XL, I must say the Boss Re-20 duplicates the best tape echo sound I have heard yet. All you Rockabillies, take notice this is the best echo unit with the exception of having an actual Roland Space Tape Echo. Love it and will probably get a second for back up.
Boss RE-20 Space Echo Delay / Reverb Pedal

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