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Sample Band Press Kit Outline

Band Press Kit Outline



Band Press Kits Samples | Band Press Kit Examples


Band Press Kits Samples, Band Press Kit Outline, and Band Press Kit Examples - Below we will give your band some ideas on building your Band Press Kit.  This Sample Band Press Kit Template or Music Press Kit should help your band, garage band, indie rock band, or music act build a successful Press Kit.  Press Kits are a valuable tool for booking gigs and shows in your area.  Remember this is just a sample press kit outline to give your band some ideas to hopefully point you in the right direction.  Always include your contact or booking information when ever possible on as many pages of your press kit as you can.  Include your booking contact information on your Band Demo CD as well just in case it gets separated from your band press kit.  Your band does not have to include all the info listed, but the more information you give to the club booker the better. 

For more information on what content to include in your press kit try our Band Press Kit tips page. The Press Kit sample outline below is meant for the band on the budget who would like to save money and produce their own press kit.  Try using a computer word processor.  You should be able to scan in images and newspaper clippings on most word processor applications.  Be inventive and produce your music press kit as cost effectively as you can without losing quality.  The more professional the band and how it represents itself, the better your chance of getting the gig.  It is a good idea to include most of the information within the press kit in your band website as well.  Some bands have electronic press kits included in their website.

Online Band Press Kits may also include most of the information below.  Also, if your band webmaster has the knowledge, it may be a good idea to include song sound bytes, band video clips, and links to current shows booked in your electronic press kit or online press kit.


Press Kit Outline For Booking Gigs 

Band Press Kit Sample Outline

  • Cover Letter - Let them know why you're sending the Press Kit (optional for local clubs and pubs)


  • Band Press Kit Cover Page


  • Band Bio Or Artist Bio Page


  • Band Photos Or Band Pictures - 8X10 Black and White is usually industry standard


  • Music Equipment Page - Including PA and Lighting Information


  • Booking Page / Band Contact Information



  • Demo Flash Drive - It is becoming more popular to put your band music on a flash drive, but it's probably a good idea to have a Demo CD with your press kit as well for the less computer savvy booking agents out there.


  • Song List / Gig Sheet - Let the club know where you have been gigging on your gig sheet


  • Lyrics Sheet - (Optional) Usually only needed For Demo CD Submissions to Record Co.'s


  • Newspaper Clippings - Copies of newspaper clippings including Band Show Reviews and CD Demo Reviews


  • Band Business Card - Try using a word processor - most have business card templates.  Locate blank templates for your Band Business Cards.


  • Envelope - Try to make it stand out from other bands

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