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Band Promotion involves a variety of topics .  Learn How To Promote a Band, Band Promotion Tips, and read music and band promotion Articles. In order to promote your band you'll need a number of materials listed below. 

How To Promote A Band

  • Band Press Kit - The Band Press Kit is a valuable resource in Band Promotion.  The Press Kit shows the potential venue or record company everything it needs to know in one simple package.  Most press kits should include a Band Photo, Band Bio, Copies of Newspaper Clippings, Gig List, Song List, Booking Info, and Demo CD.  Visit the links above for detailed information on completing your band press kit for band promotion.  Also check out a Sample Outline of a Band Press Kit.  Online press kits are becoming more popular as well.  An online press kit could be a part of your band website.  It's important to still include the typical band press kit items talked about in the link above.


  • Band Demo - The Band Demo CD is a necessary tool for band promotion as well.  This should be included with your band press kit.  Only add 3 or 4 of your best songs on the demo disc as most venue bookers don't have time to listen to a whole CD of music from your band.  The quality of the demo should depend on the submission.  If your submitting to record companies you'll want a great quality product, while submitting to a local bar you just want to get the point across.  Visit our Band Demo page and Demo Submission Page for more information on the topic. Home Recording is another option rather than paying alot of money for studio time.  There is a learning curve for home recording, but after some time your initial investment may pay off by saving money on studio time. 


  • Band Website - Creating a website for you band gets your band an internet presence.  Potential fans or venues can search the world wide web and potentially find your band.  Always add your Bands URL web address to the Band Press Kit, Band Demo, and Band Business Cards.  Link your bands website to band listings websites in your area.  For Example, Pittsburgh Live Music in Pittsburgh PA allows local bands to list their band website and type of music. Also, you can have fans join your mailing list on your website.  This allows you to build a mailing list in order to email fans in the future when band gigs are coming to their area. Find out more on How To Get Hits On Your Band Website.  


  • Social Media Band Promotion - If you can't afford a band website, try building a MySpace Music page or Create a Facebook Like Page.  MySpace and Facebook are paid for by advertising, so this allows bands to put their music on these social media band sites for free.  There is also an easy way to actually add your copy written songs as well.  Add show dates, friends, band bio, and links to where you sell your CD.  A great Free Band Promotion resource.  As you attain friends on MySpace music or Facebook, email your friend list as you get shows or have CD releases.  Post show dates on your Facebook profile as well for added gig promotion.  Create a Facebook Like Page so that every time you post band gigs and show dates, your followers will automatically see the updates.  Post the band page on your personal page and have all your friends like your band page as well.  The more followers (people who have liked your band page) you have the better.  The fans that have liked your page may also share the band page with their friends as well creating more opportunities for band and show promotion.

  • Use Social Media to Promote Shows and Find Gigs -  Use Social media outlets to your advantage when promoting shows, CD releases, tours, and offering band merchandise will create interest in upcoming events.  Friend other popular bands or like their like pages as well.  As they post updates, learn from these postings as you may have similar opportunities as your band grows a fan base.  Try searching for local venues, bars, pubs, or concert venues and Like their business pages on Facebook.  Sometimes these local music venues will announce on their business pages when they are looking for bands.  Once they post that announcement you will know because you have already liked their Facebook page and this update will automatically post on your personal page.  Twitter is another great option for posting show dates and band promotion.  Link your Facebook page updates to post to twitter as well. 


  • Create a Facebook event page - One of the hardest jobs you may have as a band is actually marketing the upcoming shows or cd releases.  Create an event page on Facebook and invite all of your family and friends to the show.  Updates to any comments reach each person that you have invited to the upcoming show as well.  An event page allows you to add the address of the show and Facebook automatically links it to internet directions.  This makes it easy for your invitees to find good directions to any of your shows.  Creating an event page also makes the invite a little more personal, and each person can elect whether they are going or not, and even can say maybe.  As a band member this gives you an idea of who may be going to the show ahead of time.  This can be helpful if you are getting paid door or if you need to add some folks to the door list so they don't have to pay to get in.  An event page works well and gets your band interest in your show. 



  • Digital Distribution Of Your Band's Music - Learn how to get your music and MP3's available for sale on Apple ITunes, Amazon, Napster, Rhapsody, and many more online music websites.  It's not as hard to do as you may think.  Many online music websites offer the opportunity to get your music available digitally, as long as it meets their requirements. Make sure to check out the companies terms and conditions and fee structures. Here's a List of Companies That Offer Online Digital Distribution of Music (OMD).


  • Music Licensing - Learn more on how to get your band's music licensed.  When companies license your songs they basically pay you for the right to use your copyrighted music for use on TV, commercials, movies, radio, or websites.


  • StageIt - Online Concert Venue - is a popular online concert venue for bands.  It's basically a virtual way to play for your fans online.  They do not record the show which keeps the live element and bands can monetize performances through their website.  Whether your funding a new album or project, it's nice that you could actually get paid for playing online. 


  • The following pages may help you with these popular band promotion areas: 
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    • Festivals - How to approach Town Fairs and Music festivals for gigs
    • College Gigs - Tips on playing gigs on the college circuit


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